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Just put a new alternator has new battery car still not idling correctly. Has all new coils and spark plugs. When put car from park to drive or drive to park car bogs down idle drops real fast same if you come to a stop.
Brand new battery when I opened good and had someone else start car i could see engine big down after a min and when it did the whole engine turned almost on it's side like
I have noticed lately that the SRS seatbelt/airbag light randomly comes on when I start driving and stays on. If I turn the car off and back on the light comes on for about 5 seconds as normal and then it goes off. Should I be concerned about this? Do I need to have it scanned at the dealer or can I just try to reset the light myself.
Makes a circular kind of motion with vibration with speeds 72-74mph . Can drive some days forever with no light other days it stays on long time until shut car off. Once had a hard time taking off car jerked back. When at red light car bogs down almost stalls but hasn't yet.
My car was dead and found out the alternator needed to be replaced. The following day my car was dead again. Every time I got a jump my car horn would go off. I don't know if there's a short in the factory anti theft system. I just had the battery replaced yesterday, my car started 3 times today and now it's dead again. I don't want to take it to the dealer unless absolutely necessary, please help!
Why do my brakes clunk at low speeds yet brakes are ok
I jacked up the cars rear and spun wheel. It appears that, although it sound, it doesn't spin freely and stops nearly the end as though the brakes were applied.

When driving about town I have an intermittent fault that suddenly I get little or no power when pressing accelerator. This has been like this for 2 weeks, and then yesterday engine warning light came on. Garage have said its the glow plug, and relay, up to now its going to cost £319. Has anyone had this problem with their Civic.
When I bypass the system and direct power the compressor it works fine. I dont know which fuse or relay to replace
only works on high speed
my car will not start the computer said it is the knocking sensor,i would like to now where it is on th e engine
have siliconed round grommit in boot no joy
Went under the dash to put in a odb2 scanner plug to check codes. Turns out the DLC(as honda calls it) or odb2 port is loose. So whenever I try to give pressure to plug in, it would tuck inside, making it impossible to reach. What should I do?
My check engine light is on and it just started doing this
2006 civic it just got worse n worse how do i get the door panel off with itr closed?
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