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starter turned over a little and died as if battery was weak. Replaced battery. All other electrical works but starter acts the same. It turns over a little then quits like the power died. BUT the starter does turn it over some.

acts like battery was drained or bad. Replaced battery. Everything is working except it still starts to crank over and dies as if it isn't getting enough power. When it tries to turn over it is weak sound.

Air low line not getting cold

to order the filter, gives me a response of, "non-servicable repair." Does that mean only a certified Honda shop is able to replace it for me, or am I able to attempt to tackle the replacement myself??
Thanks for any insight you're able to provide. Good day.

It's an r18, when it shifts from 2nd to 3rd I'll stay at the same throttle but the rpms will slowly start dropping but I'll still be at the same speed. Sometimes it'll also struggle to get past 2500 rpms. When I let off the gas it'll stay at the same rpms them drop to about 800 them jump to where it seems the engine is actually at.

The radio will sometimes work as it should but more recently it has a mind of its own. As the car warms up, the radio will change inputs. After 15 minutes of random change, it will stay on the selected input. When the car is already warmed up and I am running errands, the volume will raise and then a few static sounds and the radio will turn off. If I try to turn off the radio during this time, I cannot. Sometimes after I eventually get the radio off, when I turn it back on, I do not have any sound. What is going on? How do I fix this?

sometimes its hard to turn almost seems like the steering wheel locks.

brake fluid is fine. brakes & pads are fine. bypassed the light switch in the master cylinder and the light still stays on.

What else should I try?

I was driving in some cold weather and just out of the blue when I had stopped my icons on the dash came on and then my radio went off and then the dashboard. I called my roadside assistance and they came and jumped my battery off. Now my battery light icon keeps coming on and then will go off and then come on again. What is the problem with this?

My vehicle lost power now would not start, engine compression on all 4 between 1 and 3. Whith hi tech valves sometimes open can it be rings?

I heard american honda will give up to 90% for the cost of a cracked block. My honda is showing an error code po420 . Could be the cat or sensors or could be something more seriouse

In Dec. my husband used a key to open the door. I usually used the remote and this is the car I usually drive. He said the lock was sticky and didn't work. I opened the door with the remote but it then locked immediately. To get in so we could get home, I had to have my hand on the handle as I pressed the remote and pulled it open as it clicked. Once we got home, we realized the interior handles didn't work either! So once in the car we couldn't get out! Had to do the same thing of pushing the remote at the same second we pulled the handle (but the handles felt "mushy" when pulled). The next day I was going to bring it to the shop and found the remote wouldn't work either. So we are completely locked out of the regular doors. I am planning on climbing in through the trunk (if I can!) so I can take the car into the shop but wondered if you have ever heard of anything like this before.