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2006 Honda Civic, have not noticed any problems with steering.

I accidentally revved my car in neutral and when I realized I panicked and shifted to drive. Now my car makes a grinding noise when I accelerate and now it shakes a lot

I replaced the pedal position sensor for $210 already and I've come to find out that wasn't the problem... I'm convinced it's the electric throttle control. I ran the computer on my car to see what's wrong and it said the PPS, so I took the chance and still the car has problems. I'm calling places like good year to get the new part and I wanted to know what kinda price I should expect before they tell me a high number.

the car has been scan,but the end result shows its from the brain box,but if is the shift solenoid how do we go about it, or how can we get completed automaulal shift solenoid for the new honda civic 2006 model, the car is in Nigeria

The car is the new Honda Civic 2006 Model, i want to know the solution to the problems.

i bought the whole ignition switch at autozone it came with keys but i want to program the keys to my 06 honda cIvIc wIth out goIng to dealer

car just started with the problem today

It's the second time it came on . Cost 150 last time which repair was not done . plus cost of another key. Is the problem isolated to the switch ?

Dealer stated verbally that car passed the block test, no leaks and fans working. Then a day later dealer said car failed the hard rev test. Why would it pass one and not the other? Car not getting not at all. Gauge is basically a tad below middle as it always has been. They charged me $95.00 for the diagnosis and I'm confused about their results.

Took car to oil change place. They indicated that the car was low on coolant. Does not leak or get hot. Went on 700 mile trip in 100 plus degree weather and while idling in line after 10 minutes car got warm for about 1 minute and cooled immediately as soon as I started driving. Took to radiator shop did pressure test/ passed. Took to dealer who stated they did a block test and that it passed (message was on phone). I called back and advisor tells me same story but is interrupted and tells me he will call back which is next day and then says they did hard rev test and car failed test. He did not talk about dye, he talked about bubbles on last test. I feel I am being lied to. Car does NOT get hot or warm, runs great, heater works great, no coolant in oil, no white smoke, no leaks and now I check car everyday and coolant level is staying constant. Does this sound like a problem or does it sound like I'm being tricked into getting work done. Also car had a recalled long block which was replaced 80,000 miles ago. Car has NEVER gotten hot.

2006 Honda civic was using coolant but not leaking (notified by oil change place and they added coolant or possibly only water.) Had pressure test at radiator shop, it passed. Took car to dealer and they did a block test and it passed. They told me it passed via a phone message and I called back about 1 or 2 hours later and the advisor starts to tell me again that it passed as he had on the voice message and then is interrupted by someone and tells me he will call me back, which was the next day. He then explains that the engine has now failed and indeed does have a blown head gasket because they did what the called a hard rev test and said that there were bubbles. I feel as though I'm being lied to. He never mentioned colored dye only bubbles but the paper work calls it a block test. This car had a recalled engine (long block) and was replaced and now 80,000 miles later they are saying it has a blown head gasket. Car has never overheated since new engine was put in. Twice it got a little warm after about 10 minutes or idling while waiting in a line in 100 plus degree weather (about 3/4 of the way on the temp gauge) and then immediately went down when I started driving . Was only warm like that for 1 minute or so. I also do all the maintenance when required. Do these results make sense? Car is running perfectly and does not leak, no white smoke, no water in oil. Every morning I check the coolant level and it is staying at the same place on the neck of the radiator and reservoir is stable. Heater works fine too. No codes have ever come on, nor has any lights come on. Does it sound like a problem or that they are trying to dupe me because I am a woman? Thanks so very much for any input.

Hi guys!

I notice couple of days ago that there's a small "schhhhhhh" noise that silent when I press the brake.

There's no leak and my two break fluids seems fine.

Moreover, I don't know if there's a link, but when the car isn't start the break pedal is full blocked at full he pedal was loose couple of weeks ago.

Any explanation?
Thx :)

when I try to start starter makes whizzing sound but do not turn the engine. replace starter and does the same.