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Freon level is correct compressor replaced with new still air is somewhat cool but not cold what to check next. Honda dealer said needed clutch and coil I replaced entire unit but still not cool enough. compressor is engaging and appears to be working. low pressure side is cool but not cold high pressure side is warm but not hot. you can feel drag on engine when compressor engages.
Engine will not pickup speed run ruf check enigen light flashing no acelarate
My car doesnt want to accelerate above 6 mph. And is idiling low. It just started doing it today on my lunch break. First it was idoling low and puttering did not want to accelerate. Then when I tried to drive it again it would not accelerate above 6 mph. And the check engine light came on.
It hit hard and made an aggressive noise. Not a smooth bump. I had the shocks replaced on the front end with (I think) KBG shocks. I was told ball joints and bearings were all good. The CV boot was replaced, front rotter also replaced and the engine mount at the transmission was also replaced. There was no change and it still hit hard on bumps. A mechanic friend also confirmed the stiff ride. I took it back and the shocks were replaced with Monroe shocks on the front end. Still no change and hits hard. The mechanic said he looked at everything else and it looked good. I do notice a vibration when backing up on cold days so maybe the passenger side engine mount is bad? Again the mechanic also checked that and said it was ok. This is frustrating. I know its a 2006 but should it ride smooth at bumps with a good / new suspension? What is missing?
Malfunction indicator lights came on. Is it possible this just needs to be reset due to the battery being replaced?
This has been happening for at least 3 months. At first I thought it was the battery. But when I took it to Pep Boys, they checked it, the starter, the alternator and it's not any of these. It would take a few tries and then it would start. Now it won't start at all, no clicking or anything. Just dead silence. The clicker on the key still opens the door, and all lights on the dash and headlights are working.
Hi, have a 2006 Honda Civic hybrid that seems not to be shifting out of second into third. It's a automatic trans . Takes for ever to build up speed and can't pass anyone, to afraid to get on the highway, dont no if it's I- vtec motor or is there a shifting solenoid valve I can clean ?
I recently purchased a Used Honda Civic 2006 I noticed there was some anti freezer leaking and took the car with mechanic. He said there is a crack on engine that I will need to replace new engine I cant belive this is happening I always thought Hondas were great cars. I think Honda should take care of this matter I shouldn't be paying for something I did not cause I am disappointed there should be a recall on this I see to many complains.
My IMA light is on. The car starts and goes just fine. But randomly as I'm driving down the road it acts like it has been knocked into neutral. It will not go as I press the gas it just revs up and I have to pull over and shut it off to go again. I can't find a mechanic near me that will even try to work on a hybrid and the closest Honda dealer is more than 40 miles away. There's no way to drive the car that far. Any suggestions on what the problem is or how to fix it?
it also shows 15 on the screen
This past week my wife's car battery light came on while I was driving it. After parking it soon afterwards, it would not start. I was able to boost it and get it home. The next day I went and had both the battery and alternator tested at a local AutoZone. They both passed the test. It appeared as though the negative terminal clip was loose and I thought perhaps it was just a bad terminal connection. I repaired both terminal clips for the positive and negative and charged the battery manually at home before starting it again. It showed no battery light initially, but after a short test drive it came back on. I managed to drive it a few places before my battery depleted once again and now I'm back to square one. I had the battery and terminal tested at another business just to make sure, and they both passed the test. Just to be safe, I replaced the battery with a back-up and got the same result. I haven't been able to find a fuse allocated as a relay for the alternator in the car manual, so I don't know if there is one or not. I'm not sure what the problem could be. Any insight into this problem would be greatly appreciated.
I bought my Si from private party it paid off full not from a show room floor can I still get recalls done and my airbag light stays on and cnt get it off anyone know how pls let me know
My car is paid for completely so can I get it fixed for free is there a recall on why air bag stays on all the time
I have a 06 civic coupe manual and sometimes it won't go into 1st gear is it an easy fix?and what can be done
overheating i think
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