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I have a 2005 Honda Civic 2Dr value package coupe. Of late the ride in my car has become very bouncy in the rear and I believe that my shocks and /or struts need replacing. How can I identify which needs to be replaced? Can you also tell me the level of difficulty would a job like this be if I am considering asking a handy friend to take this job on as a DIY project for me? For my year /make /model of car, how much should i anticipate this job to run me if I were to to take it to a licensed professional mechanic.
Radiator fan may not be working. What needs to be fixed?
The thermostat keeps going up toward the H when in stop and go traffic.
after transmission warms up and driving for a minute. transmission will slip at lower speed then after a bit it wont move. turn car off wait a bit turn car back on and car goes. there are no codes showing after driving for a bit or when first starting
grinding noise coming from right front wheel when turning left
some claim trans warms better in neutral in very cold weather. Not in the civic manual so is it an old wives tale?
i replaced the accessary relay and checked the fuses they seem fine
One night I left the light on and the battery died. I replaced the battery and after driving for 20 minutes and parking the car won't turn on again, jumping the car works. I replaced the starter and it started again but won't turn on every time.

The car only starts sometimes, we left the car running when going into a store for a quick purchase and the car was off before we got back (scary to drive now). The car wouldn't start again. After 3 hours we tried starting it again and it worked. Drove it back home, tried starting it at home and it won't start again. Any ideas on what is going on here?
the key does not move when trying to start the ignition
It turns on but won't move. It more likely to move when the
Last week my Honda temp gauge started fluctuating when idle, but fine when I drove it. A lot of people recommended radiator flush, which I did. That fixed the problem...for 2.5 days. It start up again, but the car worked fine and didn't overheat. Then yesterday, when I started it, the engine sputtered for about 5 seconds and the check engine light came on. What am I possibly looking at?
trans ok then it won't move I stop & restart car & it runs fine for 2 weeks . then it happened again
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