2004 Honda Civic Questions

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noice with cooling/heating system
Never had a problem till cranking became intermittent. . Then all of a sudden transmission started acting like it was slipping. . Thanks for your help

I just bough a 2004 honda civic with 107855 miles on it,my question is what type of oil should i use in this car.Ive heard 5W 20,AND What brand would you reccomend,penzoil,mobil,castrol etc etc.Thanks.
It work's when i pushed the overpass button. it was working fine i just replaced the tps sensor also clean the whole trottle body and after that this happen's i wonder if it's related please help me
do u know of a auto repair shop that will cost less and be able to put in the codes?
Shudder or Vibration While Driving at Speeds Between 35 and 40 MPH. Goes away at speeds below and above 40 mph. Just had 4 new tires put on and an alignment. Condition persists.
I have a 2004 honda civic ex 1.7 vtech I have it since new at 150,000 the transmission required a rebuild. now at 222,000 it shifts fine accept when going into 4th gear and mainly up a hill has no power as it seem to be searching for 4th gear. The car shifts fine through gear 1-3 at all times and mainly into 4th unless it goes up a hill and if you need to stump it to get on the highway it lacks power. I am hoping this is not the transmission again as the rebuild has only gone about 70k! I have a speedometer that the speed gauge does not work half time could the speedometer and shifting issue be a result of a computer issue vs a transmission issue? The cluster was already replaced under warranty so my main question is could these issue be related and be a computer issue vs the transmission. The one thing that makes me feel skeptical about it being the transmission is i have driven the car about the 6 months this way and figuered when it got real cold it would do it in but it actually hasn't gotten any worse.
So, car started fine last night. And again this morning when I got off work. Went to start in again and nothing. Its clicking, and everything turns on but no engine start. Got new battery, still nothing....could it be that I need a starter replacement or does it sound like something else
my car got 4 nw tires in july and I had then rotated in September and then just went to rotate them again and the insides are completely bald please help
driving up to 35 mph then the car goes into overdirve and leaves me with no power and you can hear it struggle with a very slight belt noise like its slipping I had the timing bely done about 8 months ago with water pump and everything im confused my mechanic thinks im crazy also when goin from 45-50+ it goes into overdrive harder than normal please help me
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