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My friend says her mechanic states the trouble codes for a catalytic converter for her car. She's already replaced it and is hundreds in the hole for now. How often does this happen with new cars? I have a '92 Camry with the same converter and only the EGR has been replaced... Anything to be concerned with?
P0700 (transmission control system) P1298 (Electric load detector circuit high input) these 2 codes popped up a couple of days ago. i've had no transmission problems until today no warning signs at all besides check engine light. while vehicle was in drive pressing gas pedal car began to behave like the transmission was in neutral. vehicle would not accelerate. What should be the first thing to look at in this situation? I honestly believe this is a completely electrical problem I am in need of any help that I can get at this point
Rear passenger window stops half way going up.. it going down easily and coming up half way smooth with no noise.. But when it reach half way going up and it stop suddenly and not slowing down before stopping it either. Right before this problem, i heard little grinding noise, but during that time window was going all the way up.

Any advise on what could be the problem ?
However, if I kept trying key, it would eventually start. Batt was checked and ok. Starter was suggested, but in research I also found the car has a starter relay. Anyone had this same issue before?
my mechanic change out the engine wiring computer, transmission, computer and also change the transmission range sensor the one its marking the diagnose still doing the same i dont know what else to do.
i got in the car and it did fine didnt feel like breaks are being applyed but the next day it acted the same way like brakes are being applyed please some one help thnx
It feel like holding brakes real hard but it will shift just not like supposto
I never come across a prob like that please if anyony can help please do
Im open to anything to try fluid is right and very clean dont know what else to
Do .........jeff thnx
It will gointo gear and shift out but feel like u holdingthe brakes the whole time
noice with cooling/heating system
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