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Fan control dial would not blow air through vents when turn dial to "on".
Hear A/C click "on" when hit button but no A/C, This would happen intermmitly but
now "no air at all" be it (fresh air, heat, A/C......NOTHING BLOWING THROUGH VENTS

2004 Honda Civic EX
I wanted to know why when I put my car in Reverse it reverses, when I put my car in neutral it rolls, but for some reason when I put it in drive the car starts fine when I press the gas it revs but it doesn't move forward. What are the possibilities that can be wrong with it?
Replace thermostat and still overheats
2004 Honda Civic EX, no prior mechanical 
issues 110,000 miles&now 117,000 miles has shown hot by temperature 
gauge(sometimes above H) but very infrequently Never overheats or runs poorly.Replaced 
timing belt&water pump@105,000.I replaced 
spark plugs after it started happening. I brought it to a mechanic 
immediately 1 year ago when I first noticed this happening who drove it for a 
week and couldn't reproduce it.Fluid wasn't missing and he replaced 
thermostat since he had no other ideas.Ever since it has happened 
sporadically and intermittently.Sometimes months between instances.My 
driving is predominantly long trips of 2+ hours weekly at least&it runs fine 
and rarely shows hot.When does usually at end of trip, a few times early. When hot, driving hard or revving engine doesn't seem to make it any worse.

The 1 time I tried revving engine MIGHT temporarily helped.Heat or AC doesn't seem to help or hurt I don't think.With heat I THINK it sometimesblows cooler than I would expect
My car's key-less entry lock horn confirmation was suddenly put into silent
mode. When I press the lock button on my remote, the car will lock and flashes
the turn signals three times. But when I press the lock again, the confirmation
lock horn honk was gone as it was supposed to honk after pressing the remote
lock button twice. Even the seat belt reminder was in silent when driving at
certain speed, does not beep anymore, but beeps by the time I put the key on
the ignition. How can I reactivate these features back to its factory default?

Thank you very much in advance.
Engine losing power and noticed it won’t rev past 4000
just started with light goes on for a second when starting car /runs great/ but oil is leaking/do not from where. put cardboard under car and seen oil was leakin
I have a Honda Civic Type R (2004), on which I recently put my other set of wheels with summer tires.
After that, the car started pulling considerably randomly left or right, I have to forcefully keep it straight otherwise the car would steer into the other lanes. With the other set of wheels and winter tires, I did not have this problem on the same roads.
I have checked tire pressure, swapped the front ones with the rear but the problems still persists.

I have also changed front brake pads recently, which were rubbing a bit in the first few hundred kms, but I doubt they would cause the pulling, since the car was steering perfectly with the previous set of wheels.

Is it possible that different sets of wheels need different front end alignment or could there be some other problem?

Thank you for your answer!
I have a 2004 Honda Civic Coupe LX with 130K miles on it. My exhaust manifold was cracked so replaced with a Dorman (674-608) and both oxygen sensors. After a few days my car struggling/hesitating while accelerating. The codes were P0135 and P0134. It seemed like my upstream oxygen sensor NTK 24425 was only an oxygen sensor, but not an air-fuel oxygen sensor. So I got an upstream Denso 234-9005 air fuel ratio oxygen sensor and the hesitation is gone and the car runs smooth. However, the P0134 (bank 1 sensor 1, no activity) check engine light is still on. I cleared the engine light numerous times and still no luck. I replaced the ECM fuse under the hood and replaced the Air fuel relay fuse under the dash, but still no luck (all the fuses I replaced were working fine). After clearing the check engine light and starting the car the light comes on within 2 minutes. I read here (on RepairPal) that there may be a PCM software update? Anyone do this? Please help. Thank you.
2004 honda civic...need to know how to put the radio code in after new battery put in.
I have the code just do not know how or what to push to put the code in.
Ran errands this morning. At last stop sign, no braking power. Brake warning light is now on.
Exemple i go to the bank ! Start the car from home ! Shut down the engine at the bank ! Restart the car to go to grocery store , shut the engine at the store . When i do it too often in a short laps of time , car seems to have the engine wanted to start but won't , sometime i give it some little push on the gaz pedal and it helps ! When it doesn't start i wait 5 to 10 min then , it starts but have a lot of trouble ! The next day everything is ok , when the car had a lot of time in between the restart engin ! And something i notice ! Before i shut the engine and it eont restart ! The last ride i do with it sometimes i stop at lights and the idle goes up to 2000rpm then goes back to normal , it does it everytime i stop or put it to neutral ?
I start the car ac works fine compressor is running fine but when i start driving i not a hissing noise coming from the vents and it start to blow hot air. What's the problem?
I have a 2004 Honda Civic Ex.
Error codes are:

I need to get an oxygen sensor but I am not sure upstream or downstream? Also, I searched oxygen sensor on autozone and the prices ranged from under 100 to over 250. How do I know what I need?
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