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I'm interested in learning if a magic eraser will cause damage to my car either on the interior or exterior. I haven't been able to find any information through Google searches on the ingredient lists, etc. Mostly just things "debunking" the ingredients. Anyone know if the magic eraser will damage paint or interior? Thanks in advance!
I have an oil leak as well.
car wont go in gear or start unless in neutral. i bought the car two days ago and am frustrated! its sitting on the side of the road.....
The dealer whom I bought the car from is sending the parts. I assume they will be new. Should my mechanic accept aftermarket parts if that is what the dealer wants to send? Thanks
when you park the car the brake lights will not turn off. the car is turned off and they stayed on.
the back break lights. will not turn off when the car is off.
the light will not turn off when the car turns off.
just change my fuel pump and filter because
car was shutting off both on idle
and driving,nothing has change since,
it still does the same,though has gotten
a little better but on acceleration while
doing a drive test it seems to jerk for
a few seconds while holding the pedal then releases,this is at 3,000 rpm reading. the car has no problems starting,been starting it everyday and just driving around my resident area.
the shutting off only occured once but the jerking thing continues at 3,000 rpm on acceleration but it does releases
and the car continues to drive normally.
nothing technical as i know,whats causing this.
ven when oil is almost gone does not go on at all.also lots of oil used. 2003 civic with 95k miles
I have an '03 Honda Civic and on my way to work this morning, I noticed that my heater had quit working. I watched the temperature gauge and it remained the same, so I thought maybe a hose had failed/come loose. Leaving work, I was driving along (still with no heat) when I noticed my temperature gauge was 3/4 of the way to the top of the gauge. I tried to run the heater on full blast, hoping to draw some heat away from the engine but it had no effect. I switched over to the cool side of the temperature dial and the engine temperature dropped back down to the middle of the gauge temporarily before climbing again. I pulled off to the side of the road and turned the car off for a few minutes and looked under the hood where I could see & smell coolant where it had sprayed near the radiator and around a couple of hoses. I turned the car back on and tried to get it back to my house, it overheated again, but by switching between fan positions (head, feet, etc) and hot/cold air, I was able to keep my temperature around the middle of the gauge until I made it home. Does anyone have any idea what this could be? Failed hose, head gasket, radiator cap, etc?
problem has gradually gotten worse. to both doors.
As soon as the temps get warm and the humidity rises my check engine light comes on. The code is p 1456. It's not the gas cap. When fall comes around and the weather cools the light goes off. With this being said, can the culprit be narrowed down a little better? Thanks Robert
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