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I am considering buying a used Honda Civic 5-speed, yet am figuring in the cost of replacing the clutch and knowing at how many miles it should be changed. Thank you.

While I'm driving the car shakes and it has a flashing check engine light

I have a 2002 Civic that needs a head gasket replaced and it's currently stalled out at the local dealer down the street. I was curious as to what this procedure typically costs. This "single gal" doesn't want to get gouged in the wallet :(

after car warms up, doesn't seem like it is getting any fuel. doesn't go over 20 to 25 miles an hour even if I floor it!

car just stop one day riding.

I am trying to install new CV axles and I got the old one off the drivers side. I am now having problems trying to get the new one in. It goes about halfway in and then stops. I have put grease on the end and still no dice. What can I do to get it in easier?

I've changed the gas cap and i know the code is for the evap bypass solenoid but is that part of the whole canister if so could i buy the whole canister or can i buy just the solenoid

this only happens when i turn to the right and go over a bump

Coolant from overflow tank does'nt go to radiator.

I replaced the Evap solenoid valve already. Did not replace the hoses that came in the kit. The hoses that are on the car look good still. Car runs fine but the code P1472 keeps coming on. It will stay on for several days and turn off for a day then come back on.
Any other suggestions of what it could be?

When I turned on the switch nothing happened. it is dead

I have a 02 Honda Civic. i went to NTB for an oil change and the guy recommended me to get a camber kit to improve my alignment.(i've known my alignment is off for about a year) I declined it then and said I would look into it. the camber kit + labor+ an alignment is about $250(which is not bad).

will this work and is it a good idea? also wheels and tires have that lean in or lean out look when I am driving it?

engine light on with code p 122, how do self repair ? has 105k miles.

also the temperature is always very low and the fuel consumption is very high not normal for this vehicule.

I want to change the thermostat as soon as possible but am worried that has been like this far too long and now may be vibrating because some other failure that this could trigger.

i just buy the car and want it to stop vibrating.

thanks for any recommendation of what could be.

i got 2 alignments and then i found out that an alignment wont fix the problem. i went to a honda dealership and firestone and they both confirmed that my left rear wheel is "out of specs". Honda wanted to charge me to $1300 to fix the problem. the car is an '02 and is only worth $5000-$5500 according to Kbb.

firestone couldn't even give me an estimate on it but the mechanic recommended that I get new front tires and rotate at every oil change. the car pulls some when i drive that i am used to steering it straight.

is there a better price to get this fixed.