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Hi,we have 2002 1.6 civic 5 door,the r/f brake pipe burst so had that repaired then bled but still soft pedal when engine running normal pedal when engine off,normal pedal when blank one flex pipe off both sides but as soon as both are open it's back to the floor
I changed fuel pump relay and ECM relay. I also changed fuel pump because that was not working at the time. Both Cam and Crank sensors are new. still sometimes has a hard start and sometimes won't start. Immobolizer key issue or ECM going?
no matter how long I drive my 2002 Honda Civic the gauge never moves off of cold. The radiator fan starts and stops, but gauge does not move.
Just had head gasket replaced a month ago
How often should I replace my transmission fluid
I took my valve cover off to fix the seal and put it back on and now it's doing the engine light click and the radio resets to whenever it clicks
Right when I start my car is makes this extremely loud noise that when I opened my hood, seems to be coming from the bottom right near the power steering pump and alternator. The noise is constant and happens both when im driving and when im idle. The noise kind of sounds whiny..
First I replaced the condenser and filter dyer, for the old one was trashed. Re-charged and checked for leaks, no leaks, still have the problem of no cold air.
Don't work no tail lights or brake light
Is it possible that the guage is failing and would need replacement? What is the cost of replacement? Every other day.
Plastic cam plug seal has been replaced twice already because that's where the oil was thought to be coming from. However, this 3rd time, gasket maker was used to help it seal more. Ive recently checked around the cam plug seal and it is dry and not showing any signs that it's leaking from there but I'm still getting a small pool of oil under the area of the cam plug seal.
Shows ignition lock cylinder is like 30 dollar fix or do I need the whole modular which costs 350 buck
Shows ignition lock cylinder is like 30 dollar fix or do I need the whole modular which costs 350 buck
I just had a reman transmission put in at an ATRA shop a month ago. Engine light came on after 3 weeks. Took it back and they said it was the torque converter. After that the light still came on. Then they said after they checked everything tranny related that it was the computer that was fried. I think they just want more money and I'm not sure what to think. He said he would charge $200 to put a used one in. I just spent over $3000 to have the tranny put in. There were no problems that we noticed except for the light.
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