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According to my Owner's Manual when the Check Engine light comes on it means a problem with my Engine Exhaust Control System. If bad gas got into the fuel system and was burned out, would that affect the EEC System? What part of the EEC System would it affect so it could be repaired?
What are links - they also tell me that I need my left front link done and recommend also doing my right front link?
Hi. I live in JAX, FL. I used my A/C this morning all the time while driving to work. When I left work at 5pm. I did not try to use the A/C right then, but about 15 min later, I did. The A/C did not work because the fan did not start blowing. Do you think that the problem is the A/C or there is something else that could be the problem. Today, when I turned the A/C on, it didn't blow air or anything at all (no cold, not hot, no air coming out of the vents), but I heard the same soft sound of something that is activated, the same I used to hear when it was fine. It's something as if it's going to start but it just doesn't blow at all. Any idea of what it could be? Could if be a fuse?
my car jus shut off on me while driving. i started it bac but it jus shuts bac off. i was told the key lost it s program. what do you think?
I have a 2001 Honda Civic Lx Coupe. How do I tell if its the canadian model and how do I tell what generation it is? Thank You
Is there a way to check the timing on a 2001 honda civic lx coupe? Is it possible to use a timing light?? Thank You
where is the idle adjustment screw located at on a 2001 honda civic lx coupe. It idles from 2-500rpm. thank you
when i start my car it kinda putts at first and then it has a low idle. it idles at 2-500rpm. i have replace the idle air control valve. is there an idle screw on the throttle body and if so where at? I have a 2001 honda civic lx coupe.
MY 2001 honda civic is running hot changed themo and still run hot with steam and fulid coming from front grill with as noise
What is the bestway to remove A/C compressor from 2001 Honda
after head gasket replaced and four miles running my car lost power
Check engine light came on a week ago and the codes were for multiple misfires. The first suspect was trash in gas because my wife had just gotten gas when it started. Today I'm driving to work and it begins missing and stuttering bad, it was a God awful noise. Open the hood and the ignition coil is broken and the part of it that goes down to spark plug(tube part) is literally hanging by two wires. It was like it was literally blown out. What could possibly cause this?
When I had my Civic in for repair, not at honda dealer, I have been told I need new struts. Did not have them replaced. On a later visit to same shop, nothing was mentioned. How do I know when i need new shocks and/or struts. The car has 140,000 miles on it.
I bought replacement wheel covers and they have tabs with a metal ring around the entire cover at the end of the tabs. Does this stay on the wheel cover when it's on the car to make it a tight fit or do I take it off before putting on the car? When I did that, it seemed very loose but I had problems getting them on with the ring in place
I bought a second hand 2001 Honda civic. It is having problems intermittently with the speedometer, odometer cluster. Even if I'm travelling at 40mph the needle will be at zero. The odometer will show 888888. Sometimes, it will start working, some times it wont. Also sometimes while driving at night, the power to this speedometer/dashboard is stopped and I cant see anything.

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