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the check enginge light is not on but the mant reqd lite is on - I faild spog once, right after replacing battery BUT for 5 years I have had check engine light on on my 2000 Toyota Corolla & have passed smog every year after disconnecting battery before I go for test
Just replaced brakes on rear less than 2000 miles ago. When driving car in the morning(first time of the day), I notice a grinding coming from the rear when I apply the brakes. After about two or three stops grinding goes away. Also this does not happen everyday.
temperature guage goes down and when it is down car take more RPM to shift gear
After replacing the IAC and ELD I sometimes still have RPM drops and then stalls. Not every stop anymore. I have a cold air intake. Throttle body was cleaned and air flow reset. What else can I do?
Car was running fine, suddenly no power, tachometer quits, temperature gauge quits, key indicator light starts flashing seems to go into default mode.
Car did go through water that came in door jambs
When I drive my car on Highway up to 70 km/hour It vibrates crazily. It is better when I drive up to 90km/hour. Please give me an advice because I just bought this used car I quite nervous to drive it again on highway.
We are leaking power steering fluid inside the cab behind the firewall.
I would appreciate it if someone could help me out>
I did replace the resistor and after that it worked for about 1 day then stopped working again. Back to no air at all. Would my next step to replace the blower motor? I'm unsure given it worked then stopped.
The car will not start now
my transmission went out I bough one from the used auto.. junk yard.. I drove it for 2 days before it put me down again.. now when I drive it , It will go for about 2 blocks and its like it gose in neutral, I cut it off put back in park and restart it put it in drive and it gose right in gear just like it should it go for another 2 blocks and start back over doing the same thing again.... I tried a computer I also tried a gear shift switch off the other transmission and still the same thing.. did I buy a bad transmission or something else.. also there is no flashing lights on the dash board and there,s nothing coming up on my meter.
Car loses power in hot weather and will only go about 40 mph.
try to give it gas, no response, turn car off let it sit for 5 min. starts and runs fine. it's happened three times now in 1200 miles? what is causing this?
The car has an automatic transmission. There is no check engine light on, it doesn't run hot. It seems to have normal engine power, just really loud when driving. There is no vibration on the steering column. What could cause this issue?
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