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I got incarcerated and during my incarceration was stolen. After I got released i was able too retrieve my car but the steering wheel column had Been to destroyed and my car won't.start any ideas.
The bolt is stripped and the head snapped clean off. It rattles and can drive but I'm getting nervous about the belt snapping and then well... You know what I am at that point... Lol thanks for the help!!
01 civic, 2dr, auto, Lx
Heater always blows cold air
Sometimes the RPM pointer snaps to 4,000 while shifting from 1st to 2nd gear. Other times the response is so sluggish I can barely get 2,000 RPM's. If I try to shift to fast the engine races. I should have 3,000 RPMs in 4th gear but it takes a long time getting the RPM up if I shift to fast the engine will race up to 4,000 RPM. Trying to drive over 50 MPH you can feel the car struggling to get to the speed in 5th and RPM will not get to 3,000; maybe 2,800 RPM.
Trying to start out going up hill, 20 MPH in second gear is a struggle.
It is like driving 50 mph and dropping speed down to 20 mph and not shifting down. It does not have any pull.
When the car is cold the RPM matches the gear but when it warms up the RPM and gear seems to be out of sync.
It used to be intermittently but it is happening more often. It drives less often the way it is supposed to.
No diagnostics lights are coming on. The car has 198,000 miles. There are no strange noises. Starting is fine.
2001Honda civic ex 1.7L
smells all the time no visible gas leaks should I change the canister or ? problem for months is there a recall
I was told they are vacuumed sealed and I have never heard of this and want to fix it myself, Can I do it and not run into problems? Thanks
Need to know where OBD port gets ign. signal. Direct or through PCM or ECU..etc
My front brakes are staying braked. I wanted to know if it was the master cylinder or something wrong with the calipers? I can drive a few miles and then the car feels like it is slowing down on its own. I noticed the problem last night driving, eventually the brake pedal was hard to push in and the wheels were smoking. What should I look for when I take it in to a mechanic so I don't get screwed over. I do most of my auto repairs myself but unsure about any of the brake mechanics.
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