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My diagnostic test keeps saying thermostat which I've had replaced 3 different times. This has been going on since I got my car in July
The car caught fire a while back because the wires. The insurance did bot fix the computer so I over heats cut off and now don't run at all.
My check engine light came on, mechanic plugged it into the machine and it indicated that the spark plugs were misfiring. The mechanic did a tune up but after 2 weeks car started jerking and check engine light came back on. The mechanic replaced the plugs but after another 2 weeks the check engine light came back on along with jerking when the car accelerates.
I replaced master and slave, put new soft line between master and slave, checked for clogging in hard line, and still can't get master to push fluid to slave... used hand pump to bleed it. could problem be between reservoir and master, or...?
Car stalled out so we took it to the shop. Cam sensor was replaced. Did ok for a few weeks and the other night it stalled and will not start back. Has new fuel pump and filter, cam sensor, crank sensor, tps sensor and is no longer throwing codes. Has fuel and pressure and injectors are working. Any ideas or suggestions as to what it could be?
My car has been acting funny lately... It drives fine until it gets warm and then it loses power to the pedal.. It won't go over 10 mph and it starts sputtering.. Help pls
Car started to bog down after it was driving for a bit and heats up. It doesn't run hot.seems to only do it when it's hot out unless it's raining. The manifold is cracked/ the catalytic converter has been cleaned out. That helped a little bit but it is still doing it. The metanince light check engine light and srs light is on. I'm wondering if the cracked manifold is causing the car to bog down still or something else maybe something to do with the fuel system. I'm at a loss and everyone I've talked to don't have a clue either and if it is the cracked manifold can it be welded. I've seen people posting that's what they done. But I've always been told cast iron is extremely hard to weld
How can I resolve my car starting and then shutting off?
It just died while driving it has oil and gas.
How can I resolve my car starting and then shutting off?
Check engine codes mechanic says changed and I keep paying for not repairs that don't help. When is it enough? I can't afford this bill the original estimate was a lot for me now it is 5 times more, I think my car's diagnosis has changed 5 times too! The dealership is a fraud they should be charged for ripping off car owners!!!!!!!!
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