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It shifts Into first nicely but when it wants to go into second gear it a most sounds like it is stuck
Compressor clutch is engaging. Gauge on the refrigerant can goes into the red.
I did not add water while engine was still hot but when I put a new head gasket on and timing belt it started and ran good for a few hours the oil is clean the water stays full it does not run hot or anything but it all of a sudden started sputtering and got worse and worse the more I drove it and it dies out if I don't hold my foot on the gas pedal
The car just stopped running. Can't get it started. Plenty of crank and strong battery. It turns over well starts and maybe runs for three seconds the stops. So far I have replaced the fuel pump, and the camshaft sensor. Still won't start. Any ideas/
SRS light stays on all the time has been on for about a month or two. need to know how much it will cost to be diagnosed and repaired and wondering if it's something I could do myself or is it too complex?
car stalls and the belt squeals when I turn on the a/c
I was on the freeway and it went to ahift when I hit 60MPH and then when it should have shifted it didnt and it just stuck there in the same gear revving high. So I let off the gas dropped it down to 50MPH then slowly speed up to 60MPH then it shifted very smoothly. As I went to 65-70MPH I heard a hissing or a whipping sound then a pop and my car died. When turning the key the lights come on and so does my radio and ac But the engine will not turn over. Had low oil which is weird cause I put a quart in a half in it 2 days prior and my transmission fluid was low.what happened and how can I fix it. Other thank that my sparks are good. Battery is good. Im getting fuel. And I never had a problem with it before besides the recall for the air bag.
engine light came,went to the garage ,was told it may be the emission controls
I have drove it for over 90 miles already
My car has 250k miles on it.
It's a manual transmission.
It also seems to burn some oil as well.
Tried brand new battery an checked fuses under hood. Car starts the dies and loses all power.

And I hooked up computer it's not reading the codes.
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