2000 Honda Civic Questions

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when i crank it up the car just has aknocking sound
No blinking light on the gear shifter and I have replaced the transmission solenoid. Transmission fluid is full and was checked when I first bought the car in January.
When the engine starts these two lights stay on longer than the other lights on the dash board. Is it because some part of the engine needs checking?
On the front driver side the lower ball joint came out with the control arm. Also the axcel nuckel or out. Someone said replace the control arm but it doesn't seem to be broke what could my problem be
My check engine light comes on often and then usually goes off on its own because I need a new catalytic converter but since it's over 14 years old it's not necessary repair. But now the engine seems to be running very loudly and especially when I accelerate. I had a whole new system put in 17 months ago, so I don't think that it's that it's a different sound
When I'm driving my car it just shuts off sometimes for no reason and it's not the battery it's not the starter I have a Honda civic ex v-texh motor couple 1.6L engine I just wanna know why it keeps doing that and when I start my car the RPM's Rev over the one and jumps up and down until it heats up why is that
I accidentally started my car with one spark plug out and now it just turns over but wont start.
Still won't start,replaced t.p.s.,,crank sensor no start,please help
It's mounted on the side of the throttle body, not the top ,and there's little room to access the screws or whatever holds it on.
Honda calls for "Type 2" antifreeze. I need to know an equivalent to it.
Seems like it is stuck in passing gear
It was after the battery was replaced. It was working fine before that
The copper fitting came with my new compressor clutch and dryer I do not know where this part goes can you please help me out
I did a head swap and it ran after, but now it won't start. Replaced distributor, main relay, did timing, and replaced the crank sensor. Any idea what could've caused this? By the way I also have good ground connections from motor to body. I even tried holding the spark plug wire to the negative terminal if the battery with a screw driver in the spark plug wire. No spark at all. Wires are also new
Trans shifts hard into R and D4 but will shift, however when taking off in D4 it feels like Trans is in high gear and feels like clutch is slipping, can start off in 2 and shift up and seems to work fine but the indicator light around D4 is constantly blinking no matter what gear is selected
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