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My 1999 Honda Civic was stalling and speedometer was not working and the tocometer was jumping all over the car would not hold a charge. it was in a minor accident and was sitting for 2 months getting repaired slowly. I did some research and it said change fuse #15 under dash. so i did and now the car is running smooth and the D4 light is no longer blinking. it had been blinking since the accident...CAN THE BLOWN ALTERNATOR FUSE AFFECT HOW THE TRANSMISSION WORKS?
fuel pump won't kick on.
I took 1999 Honda in for oil change and Honda dealership service man said I should change timing belt and water pump because car is 11 years old and almost 48,000 miles. He suggested this without looking under the hood. I said I would consider it. Should I do work based on age and miles?
won't shift gear and fuse number 15 [7.5] keep popping even if I put in a new fuse
won't switch gear and the number 15 [7.5] on the fusebox keep popping even right after i just put it in
When I start the car, you cannot hear it. But, as soon as it warms up, there is a rapid, high-pitched chirping sound that comes from the engine in front of the driver's seat, more toward the front. Ideas?
Hello, the Honda dealer wants to replace my oil pan & gasket. With a discount they want to charge me $517.00

Front brakes replacment cost with a discount $197.00

V-TEC seal replacement with discount $183.00

Are these resonable prices or over priced?
Someone hit and broke my rear tail light cover and although the bulb still works and is in tact, the entire tail light is now dented in an inch or so. There's now a huge space where it is supposed to align with my trunk making it hard for me to open or close. Just wondering how much it would cost to replace the tail light and pull it back to align with my trunk. Also wondering how hard it is to do so I can decide to try to do it myself or go somewhere to get it fixed. Thanks.
1999 Honda Civic LX
fuel injector skipping at low idle what can it be?
My Honda rattles when I go over "down" bumps. I took it in for repair and the mechanic couldn't find the problem but did replace the front ball joint thinking that may do it. It didn't. It's possible after reading some of these answers that it's the muffler strap or Engine mounts. Any other ideas before I have a new mechanic look it over for me?
Auto Zone's advice is: Failed ELD (electric load detector), what should I look for? Where is the location of the ELD?
99 honda civic dx 4dr keeps overheating.... i've replaced the thermostat and a leaky hose and recently the fan quit coming on and the lower radiator hose is not even warming up. the top hose is blazing hot however and I even rigged the fan with a switch to see if the fan was the problem and it is not there is about a 140,000 miles on it and i don't believe the water pump and timing belt has been serviced could the pump be the problem???
i had a new radiator installed a few months ago and the car was running ok, with the radiator maintaining the antifreeze at the full level. Then I brought the car in for a tune up at another location. The mechanic said he checked all of the fluids, etc. Within a week, there was a steaming sound and fumes started to come out of the engine area. I checked the radiator and the fluid level was really down. After I put antifreeze in, I checked with both mechanics. The first looked at the bottom of the car and said there was no leak (no diagnostic check was done) and suggested I just put antifreeze in and it should be ok. The second said they had to look at it to determine the problem. I brought the car in for inspection. They said it might be a blown head gasket and would not comment further.

Please advise what should be done here. Tx.
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