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I have a fuel leak on the drainage plug of my 1999 Honda civic si. WHat is the easiest way to fix this problem?
Car doesn't start back up when it's warm. Turns over but won't start. Replaced fuel filter, spark plugs, and aiar filters. Think it is the anti shudder valve.
happens only when I am parked, have to disconect battery and like nothing happen, any idea that can help?
scanner detect idle air control valve, replace it and still get check engine light on. Happen only when the car is parked, have to disconect negative side of battery to reset computer..what is is wrong? is driving me crazy
i can get only the cable terminal clamp for 33 dollars, why is so expensive for a simple clamp
Can front wheel bearing (revolutionary bearing can be
I have a manual for my car and have checked the fuses the book says I can get the readings for problems with my car by connecting the computer diagnosis by jumping it with a wire should have book in front of me what type of wire
I have obd2 codes p1339,p0300,p0302,and p0304.cant exactly find the right code p1339 meaning i heard it was the crankshaft sensor,what could my trouble ?be
I found a broken black wire in the harness behind the bracket under the intake. After pulling it clear from touching anything my speedo now works great and not blowing any fuses. I did not have the time to try to get in there to repair it. What else would that wire control? I can't find any other problems with it not being connected.
the motor sounds like the water is gurgling but the radiator doesn't heat up and no steam comes out from the radiator.
Where do i hook my gauge to check the fuel pressure on a 1999 honda civic LX 1.6L
I drive a standard 1999 Civic Ex and after getting my oil changed the other day, I am now experiencing shaking when the car is slowing down or stopped and the check engine light is on. I am also starting to smell a scent like something is burning but its not coming from under the hood. Its more inside the car and to the rear. Ive been underneath the hood several times and cannot find anything that seems to be out of place or out of the ordinary. What could be the problem?
99 civic geyying fuel but nofire on plugs
I have a 1999 four door Honda Civic LX. I need to replace the left front (Driver's side) master power window switch. How do I get the arm rest off to get at the switch. I have the replacement switch already (from junk yard). I don't see any screws holding it on, only what look like 'tabs'. Don't want to pru it off if that's the wrong way to do it. Help!
My 1999 Honda Civic was stalling and speedometer was not working and the tocometer was jumping all over the car would not hold a charge. it was in a minor accident and was sitting for 2 months getting repaired slowly. I did some research and it said change fuse #15 under dash. so i did and now the car is running smooth and the D4 light is no longer blinking. it had been blinking since the accident...CAN THE BLOWN ALTERNATOR FUSE AFFECT HOW THE TRANSMISSION WORKS?
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