1999 Honda Civic Questions

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just put used trans in
Driver side works fine.
Passenger side tries to work for a split second.
The car was running them stop parked get out went return no instrument ligths or check engine,car won`t start.went turn the ignition key the cooling fan tunr on,no instrument ligths
I just replaced the radiator and the sensor that plugs directly into the thermostat (don't know why I can't think of the name of it). And now my car will not start, or go into gear. When I turn the key to the "on" position, I do not hear the "click" from the gear shift after applying the brake. I checked all the fuses, and all look good. Any ideas??
I recently replaced my radiator, and I hear this "honking" noise upon acceleration and at idle...I THINK it's coming from the resevoir...can anyone help?
i had recently changed the radiator in my honda civic, and when i put the coolant lines back on. i had transmission fluid coming out of the top of the bolt when i start the car. i have taken the bolt plug out, cleaned it off and done about everything else i could think of, and it still leaks. any suggestions?
Monday car wouldn't start. Poured soda on battery & it started. Tuesday replaced starter and battery. Friday, same thing - car wouldn't start, poured soda on batter and it started. Is it the battery cables?
light comes on when ignition turned on and goes off, but comes on after engine starts but no codes, also srs lite stayes on also
The car will run fine randomly with no warning completely stop... nothing no lights no anything Never has happened when idling
car runs fine 20 min or so then won't shift into 4th..stop park it and fine at restart until about 20 minuets then won't shift again... help.
Is is possible the converter went bad in a year? I was told its good for 10 years or 80,000 miles. I paid the mechanic who put it in $800 cash for a factory converter. Different mechanic this year tells me no way the converter is new? Did this guy rip me off?
tried to restart and wouldnt. changed fuel filter, seems to be getting fuel, check fuel at the fuel rail it came out with gas. So what is my next steps
We changed the heater core in my car but i noticed it is still leaking what else could be the problem?
I just started hearing the loud noise that comes with a muffler pipe leak. I confirmed that one of the pipe sections at the front end of my car has a hole. Will I have to have the entire muffler system replaced or can the hole be repaired, or just that section replaced? At the same time I started hearing squeeking that sounds like it's coming from an engine belt, is there any relation?
I have a 1999 honda civic Ex 1.6 4 cyl 5 speed 2 door, the check engine light came on and it usually means I need a tune up , well it just had a tuneup in May 2011 everything was changed ngk r spark plugs rotor cap wires and all. Then I said that should not have went bad already. With new plugs and the old plugs the car will not start. The car is trying it turns over but will not start. I have a full tank of gas, oil just changed and checked all the time, it does burn or use oil. Someone mentioned that I need the codes to find out what it might be, It won't start to take it to get the codes or to get there. Please does anyone have any suggestions for me?
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