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Well I have a bad alternator and the battery dies sometimes and it’s brand new. Will unplugging it while not in use last a while? I need it today and it’s important.
What do I need to do to fix it P0138 code could someone help me out please
I don't know if it's the slave cylinder or what bit cold weather made it worse
I had the oil changed and NYS inspection is due now...
Car has a hard shift from 1st to 2nd. Already checked the solenoids which work correctly. Atf is fine.what else should I do to fix this problem. No codes as of yet. Just puchased the car for my daughter. Just changed the timing belt, water pump, air conditioning compressor, accumulator\dryer, and expansion valve. After all was replaced and put back on the road is when the hard shift started. Answers please.
It just happened recently and it was while I was driving.
just happened today. I can crank & move the vehicle but when I turn off the engine & shift to Park, i cant get the key out..
leaking power steering fluid
So I replaced idle air control valve at the same cleaned housing real good put back together checked for air leaks. Took for a test got back home put in park and the engine light came back on and it started to idle up & down. Any suggestions?
After using carb cleaner I was revving motor as instructed when the pedal went right to the floor, would not rev motor, dead.
Having problems with code 505...RPM is crazy. Try everything nothing works
It started to slip and was hesitating changing gears then it just stopped changing gears completely
If I turned the car off and waited a few seconds it would grab reverse and drive for about 100 ft and then completely fail again.
I had replaced the A/C compressor, drier, fuses, and all new R134-a. It ran colder for about one day, and then blew out warm/outside air again! I then also had TWO A/C certified different mechanics run FULL diagnostics on the A/C unit and all its parts 110% BOTH could not find out or figure out why in the world it was not blowing out proper cold air? PLEASE HELP! They also checked for clogs and that was not it either?! WHAT ELSE COULD IT BE??
Charged the a.c. but still wants to cut off or run rough me out
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