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The pipe that runs from catalytic convertor to the muffler is cracked and needs replacement. I was quoted from my usual mechanic $318.66 ($224.00 for the Intermediate pipe) + gaskets, belt kit and then $52.00 for labor. This is in NJ and I have an EX model. Does this sound fair or high?
Idol usually at 1 also car is now sticking in park do to high rpm and now the car will do it even with ac off.
I have a 98 civic with d16y8 engine. The ticking noise is definitely coming from under the valve cover. I have put a new timing belt on it and set #1 cylinder to tdc. After that I went ahead and did the valve lash clearance. I made sure I used the correct specs for valve clearance and made sure the valves I was doing were on the compression stroke. The ticking noise is really loud and if I rev the engine up even slightly it sounds really really terrible.
\recently replaced the engine as well as distributor and have no power. Drove the car 2 days and stopped starting. Checked all ground and fuses and all is good!!! Please help me....don't want to think I changed engine for nothing. Don't want to get rid of car, but if I cant fix it theres no point in keeping it!!!
The car will catch when trying to start again but will not keep running. It sounds like she is bogging out when started and then quits.
And also when im in gear and turning to the right it makes a clacking sound... whats wrong with it
I have had intermittent problems with attempting to start the car where the dashboards lights, radio, etc will come on, but the car will not turn over. It might take several attempts to get it started or be fine on the first attempt.

The latest issue has been trying to turn the key beyond the "on" position and it wouldn't turn. It felt locked. I tried putting it in neutral, moving the steering wheel, pulling the key out and in again and then jimmying the key and finally it released and was able to start.

At this point I don't know if I should replace the entire ignition switch or could it be something else? I don't want to be put into an unsafe situation, but I dont want to pay huge $$ to replace something that is unnecessary.
It only happens when making a hard right (like out of a parking spot). It sounds like 2 metal pieces might be hitting each other (not a squeaking sound like bad brakes make). Steering feels loose, especially at higher speeds. I had the front ball joints replaced about 5,000 miles ago. Any idea what it could be? How much to repair?
how/where to connect the wiring
there are two bolts holding the ignition wire set that must be removed during switch replacement. the have been broken off for theft prevention.
the car has no engine in it it had a 1.5 carb. would like to put something in it
I have a 98 honda civic lx that Im trying to keep for no more than a year. Recently I had power issues and replaced the alternator, turned out to be just the fuse, which is #15 on my car. I had a shop run car through test, and they told me that the o2 sensors were reading bad. I had 02 sensors replaced at a shop(payed way too much) 3 years ago. Last summer my car started dying while I was driving at low speeds or idling, sometimes I could tell it was about to and keep it going, other times it would just die with no notice, power and everything. It seemed to do it more when car had been out in the sun for awhile, or during hotter weather.Once fall and winter came, it stopped happing. Well now that warmer weather is here, its happening again. It takes several times to start it when in the sun, it will start up but then immediately die. I have the power issue resolved, but Im thinking the ongoing problem is the o2 sensors. Am I going to damage the car more if I just deal with it? Or could I get another year out of it before it gets worse?
i think there is a hole in it but i dont really know. its really loud whenever i drive it.
I leaned over on the parking brake and it sank a little and now the light won't go off!
water comes out tailpipe
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