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What does code 20 mean on d16y8 motor in a 98 civic??

What seems to make the problem better or worse? Nothing
How long have you had this problem? About 4weeks
I cut the belt off and need help putting on a new one, please help?
at any speed when in od trans will whine until acceleration or manual down shift to 3rd
replaced lock cylinder and door chime comes on without the key in the ignition when door is opened
I had a re-manufactured transmission installed and they also replaced a transmission mount. After that , there was vibration at idle and the sound from under the hood was very loud. Vibration progressed to also in reverse and when started up. Now it does it intermitantly while driving, sometimes heavy vibration sometimes milder.
car is making a knocking noise and the engine light is on. will only drive a short distance before car stalls, was told the crankshaft is damaged and engine would need replaced.
I'm am having my exhaust pipe replaced, how much should the labor cost
am thinking it could be the cause
this problem has happened so many times, after 30 minutes it starts again
Just got this car about a month ago. When idle & driving my RPMs are high
but low speed & I have a CEL. When accelerating the car hesitates and
then "catches up". I'm assuming it's a vacuum leak or maybe a shift
solenoid. When I bought this car I had an oil change, tune up, change
spark plugs & spark plug wires replaced, power steering hose replaced,
distributor cap & rotor replaced, valve cover gasket replaced, radiator flush,
and coolant put in. Please help me out, I really love this car and I can't
afford another one at the moment.
Driving down the highway and I shift into first, halfway through 1st it like bogs down and has no acceleration or pedal then out of nowhere goes back into gear. Does this with every gear or it will hop as soon as you go in gear. Has check engine light but couldn't make it to auto parts store before it shut down completely. Let it sit 30 or so minutes and it will start but won't hardly go. First time Honda owner, used to v8 ford engines so looking for any helpful advice on what it is
It turns over fine but just not firing.
And it still not running right it dont want to go up a hill it wants to die it runs ok when its coldand when it warms up is when it starts acting up
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