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overhesting have replaced, hoses, radiayor, thermostat , thinking it might be water pump need directions on how to replace pr do you think its something else?

My car was running hot on my last highway trip. I had it check and was told to replace the hoses and radiator. Now I'm told I have tiny air bubbles in the coolant system. I'm told the head gasket is leaking. What is the cost to repair this? If

check engine light is constantly lit

Hello; My radiator coolant fan does not come on. I hot wired directly to the battery and it spins. Fuses check out ok. I want to test the fan relay, but I can't locate it on this 199

Interior thermostat at MAX! Pulled over and resovoir water is bubbling. Cooled down for over an hour, now no water in resovoir and raditor mostly empty but not try. AC fan blows but not coolant fan. Fuse to coolant OK. Hotwired motor and fan turned on. Now advised to check themostat/temperature switch and I cannot locate??? Please provide direction to a diagram to locate the switch??? Or any advice would be helpful.

We test drove a 97 Civic which shuddered briefly when accelerating from a full stop, each time. Otherwise it ran like a top. I've read that this could require cv joint repair, replacement fluid, or a new transmission. How can we tell?

My clutch goes to the straight to floor. I cannot get it in or out of a gear. It will start up though. So what can be the problem and with 234,000 is it worth fixing.

how I do to fix code 1337 .

i have a 1997 honda civic everything works ok its just my 3rd gear scrapes when i put it in and i dnt even need the clutch to put it in i dkn what it could be wrong ?? should i get a new trannsmision or what should i do?????

when car is at idle ac blows warm. it only blows cold if engine is under load. and not sure if it matters in the winter it only blows warm air if car is under load.

light stays on codes po303, po304, pi300,pi399 indicate


just need to know where to add freon

Looking to fix my airbags. My light in my dashboard for the airbags has been on a while. How much do you think it'll take to fix it?

i recently had a problem with my drivers side window. the window apears to be off track.
a few days ago i noticed the window had some brown green sticky grease on it in sort of a strange pattern. looking as if a greasy sting was making contact with the glass or " smacking up against it .took all of about 3 days from no grease to window off track.
so my window is off track i'm fairly sure i can figure out how to get it back on but my question is what caused it to come off track. are there known failures with what ever keeps it locked on track and what can i do to fix it