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small leak on a hose, fans seem to not be going on even after temp rise above mid range, so they r not working. help. what damge was done to eng. seems to not run rite please help if you have the knowledge.
my check engine light came on..had it red and the guy said the code was tcc. what causes that problem and how can it be fixed?
filled Master cylinder, Attempted to adjust the Master Cyl,
Not sure if it is the tranny that is causing the problem or my clutch. Hard Shift, Jumps out of Gear, NO 4th gear, Unable to avoid Grinding gear when shifting.

Leaking transmission fluid in the front.
Replaced O2 sensor and air filter box. Re- smoged car after repairs-passed. Customer took to Test only station
failed three incomplete moitors. O2 Cat. and Evap. When I
tested monitors passed. Cust took to T.O. Station turned car off then failed on monitors. Why?
Hi I have a 1997 Honda Civic DX 1.5 engine, and 5-speed transmission. The car worked fine until I drove over a flood on freeway during a rainstorm. About a mile down the road speedometer started to bounce off of zero and all dash lights flash on and off then check engine light turn on and car still runs.
PCM is good, scantool powers but no link to pcm, 12vdc and ground is good on pcm, can srs stop pcm? is there an immobilizer? how do i troublesht obd ckt. service manual is poor. thx I&C experience
My emergency brake jiggles and when I put it up it stays up but if I put my foot on the gas I can keep driving. How much do you think it would cost to repair this?
can it be my rack in pinon..
Changed pressure regulator no change
driving about 55mph..accelerating to pass or increase to speed limit, car will slip from 5th into neutral.can hear engine rev; car does not get power though. stick stays in place. lasts a second or so, then will go back into gear. & rattling/clunking noise also. just started-but have had problems in 1st gear b4/jerking when accelerating from a stop. 5 speed.
check engine light is on. code po441 is the code it gave me which is a small leak on emmision
I just replaced plugs rotor and cap and also wires. It stopped running when i was at idle.Timing belt is fine also.
'97 Civic LX with D16Y7 engine(non-VTEC)and auto trans. I need to replace the head gasket. My Haynes manual (#42025) says to remove the rocker arm assembly and camshaft to remove the head. However, it looks like, from the pics in the manual, that the head bolts are accessable with these parts still installed. If so, could torqueing the head bolts down with these parts installed cause a problem? Also, is it OK to reuse the head bolts if they are in good condition? I'd like to get some advise from someone who's actually done this before I start the job. Many Thanks.


P.S. Can anyone reccomend a good machine shop in the vicinity of Exton/West Chester/Downingtown, PA. Thanks.
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