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Replaced MAP sensor and IAC and replace temperature sensor, had diagnostics done voltage reading is supposed to be between 2.9 and 3.2 and reads .09 and still hesitates after warming up and stops, with vehicle in gear the vehicle wants to die and vehicle is sluggish on take off or dies and then runs fine while going. what could be the problem?

Pulled head. Head gasket looks ok. Head/block mating surfaces good. Head has slight warp -about .004 inch on exhaust manifold side. Could problem be related to intake manifold.

it seems to be worse after it has run a while and has warmed up.

Up until a few months ago my honda was working just fine. then it started to have a check engine light that said the pistons were misfiring and a sensor was going off. Took it to a shop right away they replaced the wires plugs , oil change, checked it all out and nothing had changed when i took it for a ride. It has been rumbling all the time, check engine light constantly blinking me to death, the worst part is that it has a total loss of power and cant make it up to 55 without feelin like im killing it like a stunt driver in a car chase. and when going uphill it dies so that it goes over 5000 rpm just to keep it up to 50 miles an hour which is way way way to low to keep up with the speed limit making it VERY unsafe passing or just driving at all! I have checked everything from the fuel filters to air and oils and fluids and everything i could possibly do. has new tires and brand new parts in it now and still wont cooperate! there is a big loss in mileage do to me having to hit the gas all the time to even make a decent speed. I hate this so much and im ready to set this car on fire ( because the freaking honda dealership doesnt have a clue and tried to charge me 100 dollars to tell me NOTHING) someone people help me.

Had clutch replaced 30 days ago and driving home hard to get car to go in gear. Stuck in neutral, rocked to get in 1st gear to get home and now it will not do anything. When in neutral it acts like it is in a gear. When I go get it in a gear the car will not move.

I recently had a flat tire. I changed the tire,now I can feel the car vibrating especially at higher speeds. I had no issues prior to the tire change. I checked to make sure that all the tires were the same size and sure enough all four say 170/225/r14. Trying not to drive but this is my only vehicle and i need it to get back and forth to work. This vibrates only when driving cannot feel anything when stopped

also the car needs it rear bumper put on and it needs a paint job. Has about 125,000 miles on it. New tires all around. What would it cost to repair these problems. ( the hood is a different color causing the enitre car to be repainted)

small leak on a hose, fans seem to not be going on even after temp rise above mid range, so they r not working. help. what damge was done to eng. seems to not run rite please help if you have the knowledge.

my check engine light came on..had it red and the guy said the code was tcc. what causes that problem and how can it be fixed?

filled Master cylinder, Attempted to adjust the Master Cyl,
Not sure if it is the tranny that is causing the problem or my clutch. Hard Shift, Jumps out of Gear, NO 4th gear, Unable to avoid Grinding gear when shifting.

Leaking transmission fluid in the front.

Replaced O2 sensor and air filter box. Re- smoged car after repairs-passed. Customer took to Test only station
failed three incomplete moitors. O2 Cat. and Evap. When I
tested monitors passed. Cust took to T.O. Station turned car off then failed on monitors. Why?

Hi I have a 1997 Honda Civic DX 1.5 engine, and 5-speed transmission. The car worked fine until I drove over a flood on freeway during a rainstorm. About a mile down the road speedometer started to bounce off of zero and all dash lights flash on and off then check engine light turn on and car still runs.

PCM is good, scantool powers but no link to pcm, 12vdc and ground is good on pcm, can srs stop pcm? is there an immobilizer? how do i troublesht obd ckt. service manual is poor. thx I&C experience

My emergency brake jiggles and when I put it up it stays up but if I put my foot on the gas I can keep driving. How much do you think it would cost to repair this?