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Ok so i broke a piston because i was leaking oil which i didnt know. Mind you i had a couple of mechanics looking at the car around the time the piston broke but not one said anything/ or noticed i guess. Im trying to figure out what the specs on this piston and rod are so i can buy the pieces. Pretty upset. Car hasnt been driven for a while. Need to buy these pieces as well as fix my leak so this doesnt happen again. Open to all questions and answers.

When it rains I get water on my back floor boards and in my trunk. The crease where the back seat cushions meet gets wet as well. I've been told to clean the vents but where are they? there is no leakage around the windows or doors. I live in PA but the car was from Arizona, could the car specs be different?

my heater fan wont work all the time. there is heat but the fan wont blow it into the car. We bumped it and it started up again but wont stay on all the time

7.5 amp fuse blows,it also controls the operation of speedo/cruise control.when you turn switch on this fuse inputs a boost to activate the alternator. (I'm told!)shut car off fuse is blown everytime!! dead short but where would you suggest to look next.thanks in advance Jack

At speed I have no heat or minimal heat and engine temperature is cold. When I'm parked the engine temperature warms and I get hot air? What is causing this?

Iv checked the belts and placement and they're both fine but it keeps doing it.

the oil is coming up to the head and not is not going through the cam please tell what is causing this to happen

please tell me the problem or what causing this to happen

The fan on the Radiator will not rotate what are some reasons it could be?

The sun roof window works but the drivers side switches does not.

I hit a bad pot hole on the road which deployed my air bags. i want to bring it to shop to get fix. Is there a safty switch or override so I can stat it and get it to shop to get fix or does it need to be towed?

I bought a like New rebuilt Head Block for My 97 Honda Civic! it didn't have the seal instelled into it and what a Mess when i installed it, after finding out in the very end that you have to installed it on a shipping return label what a place to put that! My Question is how many seal does the Block need to be installed into it i did the one by the outer shaft by the Sproket

I just did a Head gasket on my 97 Honda civic tourque it down to spect and all 22 pound first then 49 second time around! bad gasket issue cheap brand X starting leaking coolant one side then oil one the other! bought a better brand Victor Reinz better quality! now no more leak around the Head Block! But im still getting a leak really bad now down below under where the lower timing cover is i think in between their and my oil pan! I know my oil pan gasket needed replacing but it wasn't Dripping like water before i started this project could their be another area i'm over looking

This just started. Month ago it sounded like belt squeaking. Then began riding a little rough. It was really low on oil

what could have caused that i remember it was raining as well and it broke the wind shield had it replaced and i re ordered Both as a Pair off ebay! i got em already but afraid of installing em not until i know why it happend! i did took off the front bumper but not sensor at all was found, does this car has a impact sensor SRS light is still lit up i just dont wanna rest it and installed it and have that experience happend again while im driving