1996 Honda Civic Questions

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old compressor got a hole in it
Who shoud I take it to for electric window R/R, a mechanic or bodyshop?
The window goes down but needs assistance to go back up.
I've changed fuel pump fuel filter main relay and did over all tune up
I've done an overall tune up changed fuel filter,fuel pump,and main relay
air I've changed fuel pump, fuel filter ,main relay and also did an overall tune up
My civic is a CX. I was told that because it's a CX model they cound not replace just the catalytic conveter alone. the whole system would need to be replaced. the estimate was $1260. comment please BBarbb.
If we touch the turn signal again, headlights will come back on.

What would be the fix to this problem?
sometime its working while im dreving then suddenly drops to 20 and stay to 20, also my millaged meter stopped working also,any suggestion what might be the problem .
Just replaced my radiator and my car wont idle. It goes up and down between 1000 and 2000 rpms. I tried to bleed the air out of the cooling system per recommendations from friends and some forums and engine continues to rev up and down. I checked for leaks in vacuum hoses and found nothing. What else could it be? Engine ran fine before I replaced the radiator for the 3 years that I have had the car.

i need a front sensor for a 96 v-tec honda engine 8 wire sensor. new they go for like $450-600. looking for used, any ideas?
my civic starts fine , i'll let it run for an hour but once i turn the lights on the car will die out. would that just be a bad battery?
one window works and one doesn't , both switches on both doors wont control the window , would that be a bad fuse? bad motor? or bad switch ? thanks guys
I have no heat or ac blowing out at all. any ideas. also passenger window doesn't work . any quick fixes with that or should i look for new door? Thank you
you start to drive it revs from high to low constantly until you get going like 40 plus but when you slow down it will start reving high to low constantly unless in neutral again. any ideas? diagnostic code said idle sensor but already replaced that
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