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I have replaced fuses, window motors, relays, switch panel controls and checked for power going to controls. All checked out good. Power locks quit working at the same time.
where is the neutral/park sensor located on this car?
Green wire that supplies power window has power per the technican
Hello. Car was driving fine last week until today. Recently got into the car and tried to start and no power when key is turned to "ON" position. And I mean NO power...... no emergency lights, no headlights, no brake lights, no dome lights.... I know FORSURE that it is not the battery because I switched the current battery from my 1996 Honda Civic LX 4 dr into my other car and other car starts perfectly fine and vice versa, except my 1996 honda civic acted the same with the used new battery from my other car (no start). Headlights and brake lights do not work. Instrument icons/lights do not work when turned to "ON" position.. Radio and Dome lights HOWEVER will work during ignition first turn/click position but will shut off when turned to second turn/click "on" position.. Emergency lights do not work in general, when button pressed only the relay is clicking from fuse box.. PLEASE HELP!!!! BATTERY IS GOOD 100% as the battery from the car works in my other car and other car battery does not work in current 1996 honda civic as recently stated... PLEASE HELP!!!! I am thinking its the alternator........... hopefully. I've been researching and have not found anything on this weird situation...THANK YOU!!!!!!
No dash light's or dimmer. Aftermarket radio installed no loose wires in dash. What should I check for or how to bypass dash light.
Upon starting rpm climb to 5-6. When shifting gears it lowers until it's idle again, then rises back up.
Rear signal light was inop., replacing bulbs did not fix problem. Found rear socket (this includes signal light, brake light and tail light) by swapping "Y" socket left to right. Problem followed bad "Y" socket. Purchased new socket from Honda, this fixed initial issue BUT now when the right signal light is on and the brake is applied the signal stops flashing and the signal light comes on solid. Swapping rear "Y" sockets left to right the problem follows the socket. After ordering 3 new "Y" sockets from Honda does NOT fix the problem. But the problem follows the "new" socket(s) from Honda. Honda people are scratching their heads. The original "Y" socket works correctly on the left AND right BUT the "new" socket(s) still have the signal light go solid if the brake is applied. This tells me the wiring is good up to sockets on BOTH sides. I ohmed out the new sockets and found nothing wrong. Can you help me????
I sometimes feel like I Skip oil changes
It is old and flaking off
The car is a 1996 Honda Civic with 255,000 miles.
I recently damaged my car and want to know how much it would be all together with the installation.
We recently purchased our Honda and it has a couple mysteries. We test drove the car and at that time the speedometer desided to work and we were pleased to see that it only had a 144k on it....but then it quit, then re started again so that is the first issue. The second thing is the temp gauge. It never has worked but the gas gauge directly across from it works fine. I did take the cluster out and apart to look for anything obvious but things looked fine. We would love some experience on these issues if possible?
it has done this once before but it just started working again did great but now it has left me stranded
What would cause that
Clear when i touched it to smell what it was what can it be ?
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