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the speedometer not works properly
freon charged 2 time already. The car was parkied under hot sunny day, turn on air condition nothing but warm air comes out. If turn on early in the morning cold air comes out ok. its just if the car parked hot sunny day then turn on air condition warm air comes out. My mechaninc could not figure out why its doing this.
1995 Honda Civic, auto transmission, recently in the shop several times for new radiator (twice), water pump and timing belt. Drove it OK for about one month and then while driving it suddenly quit running. After letting it sit I was able to get it started, but it quit again. Not the battery or electrical since radio, lights and fan work. It's been suggested it is a sensor or maybe the fuel pump. Car has less than $150,000 miles, but have already put $1200+ into it. Any ideas?
1995 Honda civic 1.5 litre. changed engines due to oil leaks & mileage. replaced water pump and timing belt did not move crank or cam while replacing, installed engine in car went to start and nothing, cranks but will not start, checked timing and I believe it is correct according to Haynes manual. Checked and have spark and fuel but it just cranks attempts to start but does not start.
stops when driving. i have to sit for about 15 - 20 minutes for it to start up again, when i get it started and start driving it sputters, i then , while its is still rolling put it in "N" them it starts up, it don't last long. What could be the problem?
Automatic no reverse
Catalytic converter
When i turn the key in the ignition, the car does not make one sound, no lights come on, i cant even listen to the radio or make the windows go up or down. There is a gasket on top that I need but not the head gasket i was told, the gasket i need so oil doesnt spray out onto the spark plugs. There is oil on the spark plugs from that, which i know those cant get wet, so were thinking we have to get that gasket and new this true? The battery in my car is new, 5 days after we bought the car the tranny blew out so we replaced that, and bought a whole new distributor system because we had problems with it starting again. Please help if you can, thank you.
my 95 civic ex redline at 6000rpm which it is to redline at 7200 rpm i tryed swicthing it with a friend but it still does the same
my car turns off when driving for a while but when it does i let it stay there for about twenty min. and then it turns back on and all over again.
I change the battery fuse and it blew out. How do I change it with it blowing out?
my car heats up when i run it on the freeway over the speed of 65 can anyone make any suggestions ?
do i need to bleed, if i replace the master cylinder brake, how much does the average cost to fix it, labor and part, thank you,
Squeals when i start the cae and at idle.
my dashboard lights and my park lights and my lincense plate lights and my subs all stop wrkin at the same time i tryed changin a few fuses but nuttin anyone got any ideas
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