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problem started after fuel pump and distributor replacement . Also when I put it in gear I have to give it a more gas to respond, I haven't driven it at this point. Possible problem?

Which is the most important to start fixing first?

i have a 95 civic ex with the d16z6. i bought it from a buddy because it wasnt running and u have the.skills to fix it. when i bought it the cam gear sheared the woodruff key and it came off whule running. i replaced the cam gear. it used ti byrn oil bad so i replaced the valve seals. after i got it together i then hadbancoolant leak, turned out to be a craxked hose. replaces that. then i got an idle proble of it surging from 800-1800rpm. figured that was the bought a.uses one replaced it and still has the issue. i have a vouple ideas what it may be but unsure. coolant is full.and bled. my biggest issue is that it is blowing ouf so much white smoke i can fog the whole neighborhood. i replaced the o2 sensor and that didn't help. it doesnt smell sweet, but almost like a go kart. im at a loss trying to figure this milky oil ir indication of a head gasket that i can physically see. i need some help on this

The light is still on and my drivers side headlight is brighter the passenger anyone have any suggestions please and thank you

now the motor is reving up n down up n down while its in park it was leakin anifezze one night it sprayed all out tbe next day pit more n it n we cant find the leak now the motor keeps reving up n down up n down like somebody is pushin the gas on n off

when i on my aircon in a few minutes the engine will stop?

when i own my aircon,in a few minutes the engine will stop

I also hear a squeaking sound coming either the water pump or the a/c compressor.

ever since my hood flew up on the freeway and slammed hard on thw window for some reason my windows are not rolling down or working at all. i checked relays and fuses and they seem to be good. i just dont know what to do

I have A 1995 Honda civic that I picked up as just A shell but the esu was not in the car plus the motor wiring harness was in there how can I tell if it's A v-tec harnesses r they all the same just different esu cuz I'm trying 2 find out

So my stereo(an aftermarket installation) was working fine until it stopped making sound. First I rewired the harness. This made my back 2 speakers work. Then, I realized that my front speakers were shot so I replaced them. Everything was working perfectly until I started driving. Now, the sound sporadically turns on for brief periods of time(I’ve noticed usually when I go over a bump or make a sharp turn). I don’t understand what is wrong with it.. if the radio has power, the harness wires are connected and all the speakers work, why will the sound not remain on?

I start my car and it drives for about 1/2 a mile and then it stops and it does when I push on the gas pedal is it only revs. I turn it off for a couple minutes and it does the same thing again. What could the problem be??

This happens after I've driven the car, then park it for a few minutes. When I try to start the vehicle a few minutes later, then all I hear is a single clicking. Do you think it's the starter or what? If I sit for a while, then I have been fortunate for the vehicle to start. Any ideas as to why this is happening?