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When my car is in gear as I get to mid range rpm my tranny area is growling. Goes away as I shift to next gear and will start growling as I accelerate but once I’m in the high rpm range it sounds like it revs that noise away. Not sure if it my tranny or clutch?
My air conditioner wont come on at all.
95 Honda Civic I was goin to purge radiator and when I start it up first water is clear but after a few minutes radiator water turns foamy and brown like oil
With AC on there is a knocking and missing and whole car shakes, with air off no problem. Sounds like compressor hesitates and then starts again.
I cant go over 25 mph without my car sounding like a flying saucer. Why?
in 5min. window clutch stuck to floor and i was unable to shift gears... to clutch completly dead and without any pressure or resistance
I just sent you a message I said my fuse box was to right up under steering wheel I stand corrected my apologies tnxs lauriepacheco
My car smokes bad white smoke smells like burnt not sweet I've had the oil changed and filter I've put that stop exhaust smoke in it it doesn't overheat I just smelled the oil and it smells like gasoline plz help I've asked many people including mechanics and can't get a answer tnxs so much.
3 door hatchback DX model, 100k miles, auotomatic. Only 1 problem b4, main relay went bad. .. While driving, speed gauge & key chime goes crazy & all dashboard lights go dark, car turns off. Now car won't start, it cranks but won't turn over. Main relay is new. When key turns while in the ignition, dashboard is still dark including all lights for defrost, a/c, air, lights for all gauges, all dark. Car Cranks bit won't turn over. Headlights, break lights work with or without key in ignition. Thank you for your help
95 Honda civic is missuing the #3 spark plug wire. I have to return something g, get the money ad drive about 25th miles to do it. Can I drive my car w/o the spark plug wire to do that?
I have to buy the wire but 1st I have to drive to the store & then drive another 15 miles. Is it OK to drive the car w/o the wire?
I have a 95 civic EX and everytime I make a instant stop are comein up to a stop light the car cut off but starts right back up with no problem... about a weak ago I had the heads and valves redone
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