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problem:Every 3 days or so i have to put water or coolant in the radiator.someone told me it could have a leak.It was check and no leaks.I accelarated the car and noticed that the radiator was spitting the water back in the water jug, and with the pressure it was coming out the water bottle.I took the radiator to get it unclogged was put back in the car and accelarated again and still doing the same.I spoke to a mechanic and he said it could be the thermostat or a blown headgasket! I check and the car has no thermostat.Does the radiator cap has something to do with that?it has a 1.1 on it. Can someone please helppppp! before i go and buy a new one!!! thanks for reading!!

Changed out the Master Cylinder, now ABS light comes on, book states to bleed the ABS. Any suggestions??

I was about to recharge my R-134a when I noticed the belt to the compressor had snapped. How do I replace this belt?

had a blown head gasket replaced gasket but it runs real bad and it carboned up the plugs real bad put new plugs in it carboned them up right away ,it has new wires ,plugs rotor ,cap and new coil in it thnx

I have a 1994 Honda Civic. I have nto moved the car in over a year. I am trying to figure out how much it will cost me to get it repaired?

My ac clutch is not engaging, have checked all the wires and fuses running to it but the relay is not putting out power there is power going to the relay but not out. Put a diferrant relay on and still wont engage the as clutch. What could the problem be and how can I test it, thanks.

Have just replased the compressor on my honda civic and the compressor will not engage. All the fuse seem to be fine the relay is good. The ac compressor will turn on if jumped and works good, but will not engage by itself. Please give me any ideas to check and possible problems. thanks.

Where is the thermostat located on a 1994 Honda Civic?

Rattling when brakes applied

When car is in park it ideals up and down also when driving at low speeds it putts

Its a 1994 honda civic 2 door car will not start has no fire.The ecu fuse is hot under the hood.

The civic will randomly start up and run for a few seconds and than shut off. Its gotten worst because before it would just turn off while driving down the road, and would start back up after cranking it a few times. Thankfully it did this in my driveway so i didnt get stuck somewhere. Also there is no engine light on when the civic starts so I dont think its flipping any codes.

When turning, water squirts on your feet when the air is on. Current owner also reports that windsheild fogs up occasionally. I'm considering purchasing the vehicle with 57,000 miles.

Considering buying a 94 with 57,000 miles. When turning, water squirts on your feet when air is on. Also, owner reports that the windsheild will occasionally fog up. Problem?

they told me it was my through out barring but had a new clucht the whole part put in and still makes noise