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on my wife's 1994 Honda Civic EX Due to rust or what ever I can not find the "discard thickness" on the rotors and would like to know the minimum after machining and "discard thickness" as well as the replace Pad thickness for front for the rear what is max {discard} and post machining diameter for the drum inside diameter and replacement thickness for the shoes
well on the drivers side of the car right below the alternator there is a spot on the timing chain and when i fill up the radiator it starts leaking out of it
My car gets hot when idling and I just put a new radiator in...there is a coolant leaking as well
my fan will not react to hi temp to turn on. the fan its self dose work
When i drive the car it feels like it is cutting back like it is not getting enough power. Got a new muffler on, changed converter, new plugs, and new fuel filter. Also i cant barely go up hills when driving. What could it be, please i need help.
Inda mornin wen I crank my car it turns on but turns right back off. N I try it givin it a lil gas but it does da same. N once I try 3 or 4 times it crank a lil gud till it warms up..n dan sumtimes it cuts off whyle Im drivin?
I have had this car since November, and when I got it the pressure plate, flywheel and slave cylinder had been replaced. After driving it about a week the clutch went to the floor, the result was a broken master cylinder so I replaced it, a week later the same thing happened again so I replaced it again, it just keeps happening all within exactly 7 days and now I've replaced the master 5 times going on 6 (the last 4 of which I had my mechanic put in) and on the last time it was replaced we had the slave cylinder done as well. Not to mention completely bled the system each time. The last couple of times we noticed when it did give out, we open the reservoir and the fluid is black and like jelly. What would cause this?
the driver side door will not open fron inside and outside of the car
How much would it cost to install a muffler on my car?

i had my air conditioner replaced last summer. worked perfectly, now no cold air this year. could the freezing temperatures done damage?
hi, i have a '94 honda civic DX and i have a problem with the ignition coil because it burned twice in a short period about two weeks,the secondary winding is the one who burn, what can be the problem ???
every two months
Head gasket was replaced by a family member. But I still cant drive more than 2 trips or else my car will over heat. I won't be able to start my car. I have to wait for 10 min when i start my car again it will have a rough start wait for 5 sec until it stops putting. I had basicly ask friends, co workers and went to 3 mechanics to get it diagnose even at the cerritos normhonda dealership inspect it they said replace oil pan gasket. Is head gasket and oil pan gasket the same? The car was passed down by my Aunt. Which she really maitaned. My car has 120k . Please help me i loved this car. I cannot afford to purchased new or used car.
94 Honda civic with 1.6L vtec won't start. It was running fine but now it only cranks. The battery is fully charged, fuel pressure is 42psi, I have spark on all plugs, wires & plugs are new, I replacesd my ignition module, checked my coil, removed & resoldered all joints in the main relay, so what else can I do?
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