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My car wouldn't start I checked for fuel spark and air. All perfect. Turns over strongly. Used a jump wire to try to read diagnostic codes but engine light didn't flash the srs light is flashing

Honda civic ex

i bought finders and lights for my 94 and they dont match i have a gap between the lights and finder whys that

Distributor has all been changed initially pushing the air and air conditioning buttons with trigger the fuel pump to click and the car would start currently there is no activity at all for the car to start or crank

I just had my steering column replaced because someone stole my car and stripped the ignition. I tried starting my car yesterday 1 week after I got it replaced. It wouldn't start, it clicks, but doesn't start. It wouldn't start with a jump. I think the guy didn't put the part in right. Or tight enough. Is that a possibility? What do I do?

starts and stops after 15 20 mins gas pump runs put foot on gas and it stops whyt 25 to 30 mins and starts and does same thing

starts runs 10 to 15 mins and stops give it gas will not start what 20 mins and it starts put foot on gas and it stops

i have the car running as i write this and in nutrul waiting for it to heat up. so i check the fluid but i think the fluid is good. so what else could it be. need help fast thanks.

It is hard starting but will start shortly after being run or if I cycle the key to on and let the fuel pump prime then off and on again three or four times. This makes me think that it is fuel starvation as it runs fine until I accelerate with too high a gear then it will chug or stall.

Changed plugs and wires, value cover gasket and gromites. No cil. No water in oil.cil light goes on and off .When the cil is on when I turn the car off it goes out and stays off for awhile

not sure what the hole thing is, but I see no visible damage. my car is lowered and there is possibilities of bottoming out or scraping but since I've had the car I haven't done either, the leak just started a couple days ago, I do sometimes use the auto stick. D15 b7
stock motor stock Tranny.