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I have a 1993 honda civic ex with a 1.6 liter automatic transmission that has 218,000 miles on it. It's highway MPG is in the mid 20's, what can I do to help it?
key sometime will not turn to off position only to acc, if i remove to hot wire from battery it will turn to off position. Need help!!!
replace third brake light and now all three don't go on. Check all light bulbs and replaced them, and still nothing.
I have a Civic LX and my check engine came on then five min. later the gas gauge went from half a tank to past the full mark and stay there. Any ideas?
finished working on a friends car...started mine and proceeded to drive away. he promptly called me to tell me that my taillights just quit working. i have headlights but nothing else as far as exterior wiring. so basically i have brake lights and taillights or parking lights....everything else works as supposed to...
i insert a new 10a fuse and as soon as i turn on the headlight switch it blows...iv attempted to trace out the visible grounds and only have the hidden ones (ie behind dash) left...does anyone have any idea on what the cause could be or how to fix or bypass headlight switch altoghter...
in the morning the engine will not start.
what should i check next and
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i am wondering if anyone can answer this question...
my car was recently stolen and recovered. there's no sign of ignition damage, but whenever i turn my car on but not to start it, i have no power throuh out the car. like if my car was off. could it be my ignition switch and cylinder?
The cable is broken. How much should it cost to replace the hood release cable?
My civic leaks cold water onto the passanger floor board, i believe this is the blower motor drain tube clogged, but where is it and how do I unclog it?
my car cut off after i press down on the accelator
Could someone provide the proceedures for replacing the A/C system?
i'm having problem starting/crankin my 93 honda civic dx after i replacing the starter. i don't know wat to do and need help on solution.
Will the cracked trailing arm bushing cause a really bad camber issue?
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