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Ok so i bought a new windshield. Wiper motor and a new windshield. Wiper switch i turn the car on and it wont stop i havea 1993 dx hatchback deos anyone know the problem or where the fuses are ?
Anything besides oil pan, exhaust pipe, and oil pump need to be removed?
I just bought this civic, the brake lights are constatly on. Only way to turn them off is pulling fuse under hood. I realize the switch at the pedal needs adjusting, I replaced the switch anyway, and still have the problem. I noticed the nipple on the brake switch itsekf is not contacting my pedal. And I believe there is suppose to be some kind of bushing or grommet that is suppose to be on the pedal piece and there is not. What advice can i get. I either uave constant brake lights or no brake light cuzI have pulled the fuse or my battery goes dead
So I check the fuse box and replace the only blown fuse still nothing what is the problem???
Overheating started one week ago. Added water and ran ok with no problems. Today it started overheating, i turned the heater and temp dropped but that only lasted for awhile. I added water cause was empty drove 20 miles and started heating again. No fluid leaking from under the car but steam coming from under the hood. When i use the heater it starts to smell like antifrezze. Hoses are fine. When turn car off can here bubbling sounds from under the hood. Where should i start? Please help
My son replaced his distributor on his honda civic 1993 dx and now has no acceleration power. Any ideas? First problem was the car would die while he was driving and not start for a little bit. He has replaced several things and now this. Still don't know if the dying problem fixed because it won't go more than 5mph.
switch in the thermstat will not come a/c switch will not work at all
the a/c fan will not work at all and the radaitor fan will only work when the engine is hot but not runing if you start the engine when it is hot the fan will cut off and only come on when you turn the switch off
I have a Automatic Transmission 93 Civic that has been having problems shifting out of Park.

My computer and main relay went out a little while ago, when I got them fixed, the car would not shift out of Park. I have to use the shift lock release to put it in Neutral. From there I can shift all other gears just fine. If I put the car into Park again and hold the brake it will move fine still, but once I put it into park and then let go of the brake, it sticks and I have to use the shift lock release again. It's only been like this for about 3 months. I plan on selling the car now, but would like to fix this first so as to not have any problems selling the car. does anyone have any idea of what this might be? I think I know but I would like a second opinion. I have read and talked to my dad, who is a tow truck driver, who deals with damaged cars all day and has always been great with helping me with car troubles, and we think it is the shift control solenoid. Any thoughts?
when car is parked no coolant in radiator but all of its in the overflow any ideas
I recently replaced my head gasket and the temperature gauge stopped working I have no idea why. After replacing the oil and coolant I observed some white gases being released from the engine i don't understand if i is overheating or if that is natural. I would appreciated any advice that would easy my tension.
when in derive i noticed wobbling at the wheel motion but if i press the clutch the car moves smoothly i changed the deriving shaft, upper arm, and engine seats but still the problem persisted
It does this a couple times a day, do u have any idea what is going on.
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