1993 Honda Civic Questions

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No puedo escuchar el radio stereo me mi carro .......
Once the Engine is Running & the Ignition is Turned Off; the Key Can't be Removed, UNLESS Negative Battery Cable is Disconnected. NOTE:The Car IS in PARK & Parking Brake IS SET. ALL Else Appears OK.
the needle goes to the white line. i have had the thermostat replaced, head gaskets replaced, head pressurized to make sure its not cracked. it gets hot when im on the freeway and i have to have the heater on. also doesnt get hot when i drive streets, unless i go a certain speed.
I have a 93 Civic, and I need a starter. Do I need a 93 starter, or can I use one from another model year? Say, a 95 Civic?
And they barely work .and how can I fix the problem on my own?
Replaced fuel pump and still won't start unless we add starting fluid help
Fuel pump good,still no start
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