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Also what is the cost to fix/replace accessory belt and tensioner? Back-tax cost?
So the knocking begins when I turn the car on or I give it gas but when I put it in r, D4,D3,D2, or ,D1 it stops doing it I've checked the lifters in the Pistons I don't want to have to replace the whole engine
the after market air conditioner was installed in the mid 1990's. We are replacing the compressor and dryer. But the dryer is not available. What can we use as a substitute
I bought a 92 honda civic 4 door car from a buddy that has headers rebuilt motor and cams and stuff we'll I had CBC axel changes on drivers side done today we'll I picked it up And I'm leaving to go home to arizonia and I get to a stop sign and go to go and the car start s to go but then stops and I heard sonething on the driver side front accel and them I heard something else under the car my clutch and gears are fine but will not go anywere and a mechanic shines his light under the car and there was some not a lot transmission oil on it did not leave a pile of it just some can anyone help
engine is goiung bad, trying to get all out of its life. need temporary fix.
new tyre bushings balljoints aligned yet when driving and the passes over waves in the road it jerks to that side the shocks are a bit bouncy the camber reads05 all wheels the front left shock appears to be a bitlower than the right
I have a 1992 honda civic I was having a difficult time starting the car on. So I went and bought a fuel pump and a new relay. I can crank the car now. But the relay is taking at least 30 seconds to send power to the pump and the it cranks just fine.. any idea what can it be
Is there any other ways besides removing head cylinder or pulling all the valves, rocker arms and all bolts from the shaft, etc...every week i checked that spark plug,an oil about 1/2 inch inside. it's not overheating but causing little misfire and affected the gas mileages per gallon. original engine only 112k miles. thanks
the windows aand the door locks stopped working at the same time.
was here a few weeks ago with problem of car not starting but was cranking. raiderron figured out the problem. ecu was bad. thank you raiderron. now we have replaced it and the capacitor blew in new unit. which circuit affects the capacitor enough to make it blow so quickly?
have replaced fuel pump & relay,distributor,coil pack, cap & button, new plugs & wires. timing is right on & belt is intact. what else is there to be checked? and where would it be located? any help is greatly appreciated.
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