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I have checked the fuel pump and all filters and lines.
Details first problem. Car would not start after starting well for numerous times, replaced main relay, starts fine.
also car stalls as I drive down the road will not start for several minutes, Getting worse and more frequent. Someone suggested ignition switch.
Gear selector will lock in park I have to use the key to move it out, so I park and start in neutral.
After a recent trip I noticed the temp and gas gages dropped to the bottom and no longer work.
Any Ideas???????
P.S. I dont know what type of engine this is.
It started to be very hard to shift it to reverse position and very easy on other positions like forward. Now the lever is stuck at reverse and won't be shifted to "D" (forward). Can you please help me?
When I try to remove my key it takes several attempts. When it's cold outside it's especially difficult. What is the cause and is it repairable?
I was driving and noticed that my speedometer and tach were on zero, pressed on the gas and nothing, then the engine resumed running, when i got home and shut it down I tried starting it again and it started and died three times and then started and ran fine. the next day as i was Driving the engine shut down again and then resumed running again.....any Idea what the problem is?
it stays locked because I cant unlock it
My front passenger door will not open all the way. It's not the lock. I can not remove the door panel because the door is closed. Any suggestions
two wks ago i was leavn work n my car wouldnt start. all the lights came on even the radio. my sister jumped me and all was fine. two days later same problem. now a week later it happened again this time my car wont take the jump.
this car was running rather good only that you need to put oil when you drive for like 20 miles, only when my son drove to his work which is 34.4 miles from where we live and i guess he didn't check or put oil before he drove the 34.4 miles back home, he said that about 5 miles before he reached our house the car was showing sign of being drained out the head lights became dim, when he steps on the gas pedal to speed up it was like it went slow then it is like its oxygen opened up and moved a little faster, but then still driving it around it would start up and the engine sounds like it is congested and the exhaust has the strong smell of gasoline, and then now it is choking when you are taking of and slow up a small hill and on a stop lite, when we step on the gas pedal because it sounds and feels like it is gonna die out, you smell that strong gasoline mixed with exhaust smell
I recently changed the bulbs in my rear break lights. My break lights are not coming on when the brake pedal is pressed. Is there a fuse or something that needs to be changed?
i need information on changing the clutch
Front windshield wipers just stopped working while driving. Any ideas on causes, costs of motor replacement(by a pro)?
My car has servere vibration (front end)pulls to the right as well. Could this be my brake caliper? or something more serious?
How much would it cost to replace the clutch on above mentioned car
I'm selling my 1991 Honda Civic with a blown head gasket. I have someone that wants to drive it home. It starts and runs and little rough. If I put water in the radiator. Will ill be OK to drive?
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