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I need to find the ECM
I can turn the key and spin the engine .The check engine light go off it cranks but if it go's off & comes back on it don't crank.
I have a 1991 Honda Civic Dx sedan manual 5 speed. Only 100,700 miles and for about a month now it's been a pain to get in 5th gear. Sometimes it'll feel like it's in and then pops out and goes in neutral, sometimes it'll go right in to 5th no problem, and then mostly it just won't go into 5th at all and I have to just keep trying and trying either by taking my foot off the clutch when in neutral and just retry over and over until it goes, and sometimes I have to go back into 4th gear and try again. Sometimes it'll grind when it finally does go in 5th and it's worrying me. Also it started doing this right after I changed the gear shifter. I wouldn't see how that could cause it to do that, but it was almost immeadiatley after I changed it. Also I put an adapter piece on the stick part because the gear shifter didn't fit tight when first put on and that made it better for about a day or two but now it's just getting worse and worse everyday. I'm always scared I might mess my car up when having to go about 60 mph in 4th gear until it finally goes into 5th gear, having to keep trying over and over again, sometimes making me almost force it in and a couple times I had no other choice but to force it in. I'm really worried about this. It's never once caused me a problem until now and I've had it for almost 2 years, starting with 55,000 miles and tooken great care of. It basically was brand new when I got it. I know it's 25 years old but I feel like it would be a worse problem if it was because of age. It still runs great, and gets it's oil changed every 3,000 miles religiously. I've never had one problem with it for the two years I've had it. I love my car and hope to have it for about 3-5 more years if not longer because the low mileage and proper oil changes. Please help, I don't want to mess the gears up anymore than I've recently had to. I'm constantly worried and anxious about it, especially while driving. It's starting to stress me out. Could it be the clutch needing repair/replacement? I wouldn't think so because all the other gears are fine and my clutch seems normal, no changes felt in the pressure of the clutch or the height it goes up when taking my foot off. Everything else is or atleast seems normal and fair. Please help. My mom said it could be the synchronizer, does that sound right?
I was getting sputtering on acceleration only after car was warm. I looked down the throat of the injector intake and noticed that something looking suspiciously like a choke was closed, so I put a wire in to hold it open and took her for a run and she ran fine. So is this controlled by a temperature sensor or something else to replace or adjust?
Towed car home, removed all old parts, purchased new parts. How do I set up the cam gear to be in time with crank pulley timing. Car was running 65mph on highway when belt broke. heard no banging noises when belt broke.
I jus bought a 1991 hatchback and it was running and driving great then suddenly without a sign the tranny gave out. Now there is a lot of problems with anything to do with the drive train. I know some people with different year models that are out of comission for different reasons and I would like to know what all year civics or makes of Honda are compatible with mine. I would like to use parts off each one to kinda bring mine up to date. Please help
1991 Honda Civic Question: Have a friend with a Honda civic (1.5 L) , manual with the following problem: After engine warms up, while in neutral, idle speed bogs down then jumps back to normal but no power is lost on any of gear shifting. Only when stopped at stop light
I am about to purchase this car and the owner says that it has a leak from it's timing chain seal. How much would it cost to fix this? Also, would I be able to fix this or should I consult a mechanic? Please let me know asap, I need to make the decision to buy the car by this evening. Any help is much appreciated :)
any suggestions on what we can try to fix this. We have changed the spark plugs, made a slight difference, but still not changing correctly. Goes up to 4000 rpm in 1st gear, if you slack on the accelerator, it then changes gear, and will change again in the higher gears, but once back to 1st gear - has problems changing to 2nd again.
jumped it left it run 10 minutes,I flipped on the heater and the car shut off,had no power at all,I took the neg battery off waited 30 seconds and put it back on now it cranks but wont start,I am getting fuel.
My manual indicates an emission control problem. If so how can it be repaired to keep the light from coming on?
Is it dangerous to continue to drive with the light on?
My wipers just quit working also at night my dashboard light don't work either
Problem just started happening. Haven't had prior problems with transmission. Mileage is at 224,000.
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