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I am having trouble with the carburetor of my car. I sent the carburetor to a factory to fix it. I got the carburetor back from the factory. I do not know what to connect the fuel cut off solenoid to because I can not find the guy who took off the carburetor. The solenoid has 2 wires and I think it connects to a thing that has 1 wire. I do not know what the thing connects to. The wire of the solenoid goes to the left of the engine if I am facing the engine from the front. I think the thing connects to a wire and this wire connects to the computer and oxygen sensor. I tried start the car when the solenoid was not connected to any thing. The car started but the idle was about 6000. I thought the car would not start if the solenoid was not connected to the car. Thank you for any answers. Kurt Stocklmeir
I would like to buy a rebuilt carburetor. My car is associated with California. It will not ever go back to California. I would like to put a carburetor that is not associated with California. I need to know if it will fit on my car. Thank you.
My front left blinker works fine.
When I attempt the right blinker, both lights in the front of my vehicle begin to blink.
A few wks ago out of nowhere our rear driving lights & dash light just died. No reason,No warning. My bf & I have replaced the fuse several times. It calls for a 10amp. We've tried several 10 & 15amp fuses. Each 1 pops immediately every time as soon as we turn the key in the ignition. The headlights & brake lights still work fine. But we have no dash or rear driving lights. We'd like to remedy this problem ourselves, so we'd greatly appreciate any detailed ideas on how 2 isolate & remedy this problem. Thanks.
sometimes intermittent
is it the speedometer or sensor or both
rough estimate costs
does dashboard have to taken off
the battery has been losing charge recently. Last night I put the battery on charge. I realized this morning I charged it backwards. However, the battery had a good charge and all checks out well. Battery is good as well as the alternator. The alternator did have some corrosion. I've cleaned it and I am about to pull the spark plugs out(replaced them two weeks ago). If cleaning the connector on the alternator doesn't help what else could be the problem. No engine lights come on. When I turn they over and the car doesn't start the battery and oil light stay on
1st gear is fine but when the RPMs get up around 4000 in 2nd and 3rd gear it starts to bog down and lose power. It occurs all the time now.
I just put in brand new rotors, pads, drums, and shoes and whenever I come to a stop the car still shakes bad. Mostly in the steering wheel not the pedal. I think its a steering/suspension problem but I don't know exactly what/where to start looking. Any suggestions?
Whenever I come to a fast or hard brake the car starts beeping like the seat belt chime or door chime and sometimes the door light comes on but all seat belt are on and all doors are closed. Sometimes it doesn't do this at all and sometimes it does this really bad and the beeping goes on for a long time. But the door light on the dash doesn't happen that much. Any suggestions?
In a 1989 Honda Civic with a 1.5 engine, at normal operating temp., the engine shuts down. The coolant temp. Sensor has been replaced. I believe the ignition control module could be the problem. Any other ideas? Thanks in advance for any help.
I noticed that sometimes when i turn my blinkers on when im driving that my tachometer and temp sensor readings bounce up and down, sometimes happens when i first start the car as well. its intermittent but you can notice that the temp sensor reading fluctuates slightly when i turn the blinkers on while the car is in motion, it did trip a code 17 once. any ideas on where to start?
when i start driving the car the fuel gauge spikes up and reads all the way full (way past the F) then when i come to a stop the gauge drops down and reads normal. Any ideas? thanks
like something got broke. just replaced my cv boot axle . it got pretty bad. transmission was fine though at the time
how to replace the fuel pump?
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