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When i first had this will take me a while to start the car. Ill wiggle the key in the ignition while turning the steering wheel left and right and it will somehow turnover to start. It was fine for a while but now its even harder for me to start the car. Ill put the key in but uh cant turn the steering wheel. Whats the problem
After receiving a jump, horn started blowing non stop. anti theft mode ? perhaps. removed horn fuse, finally stopped, replaced fuse. Now TCS light on and will not go into gear. Need Help?
It was raining and I drove to the doctor, as I was leaving the car shut off and would not start. Had it towed and when I stick the key in the lights flash and then goes out.
Brake peddle was going to the floor, replaced back calipers, master cylinder & ABS module, brakes were bled. Now the peddle goes to the floor 1/2 the time and if is given 1 pump then brakes work as normal for that moment. What now?
I already pulled the back seat down still does not work. It doesn't look like it's the key or latch.
How much will it cost?
Paid $110 @ HondaCarson to run the diagnostic and needed a $2500 battery pack plus labor to fix this issue. I need a second opinion for the cheapest repair.
on battery light is on and not charging, then turn engine off restart and light off and now it is charging
I have a 2005 Honda accord hybrid and only had it 2 weeks and its throwing out white smoke and there's a noise coming out the engine what can that be and how much would it coast me to fix
My car has 161316 miles on it (!) and has been a great car ever since I got it used 3 years ago! It's been a bit sluggish lately and just isn't getting the mileage it used to get. And it's been acting a bit strange. So I took it to a local mechanic and had the codes read. Here it goes:
VIN # JHMCN36585C003848

CK Trans Operation Advise-
-Trans Indicator Light Flashing
Codes--Trans Module:P0722 Output Shaft
(Countershaft) Speed Sensor No Signal,
P1717 Reverse No Position, U1260 ATFP Control TCM/PCM
Comm Failure. IMA Code: P1575 Motor Power Inverter (MPI) Module Voltage Malfunction, P0700 A/T System Malfunction, PAOC4 Ybrid PCM Requested MIL Light--ABS Codes 61-1 BAT Voltage Low. 83-1 ECM Relation Failure, AIR Bag 61-10 Open LF Seat Belt Buckle Switch.

I have an AUL Extended Warranty (Estate Coverage) that expires at the end of next month, and it is my hope that if I fight hard enough I WILL get this fix covered under my insurance...

Help me get knowledgeable on all this please!
Had it jumped. took it to the dealer they said nothing was wrong. Second time, I had it towed. Dealer replaced battery. Third time I had it towed. Dealer replaced some sensor. After a month it would not start again. Had it towed. Dealer upgraded my onboard computer and told me I don't drive it enough. One month later, the battery indicator goes from 6 bars to 0 bars while driving. The car works but I know this is not right. I love the car and have 89,500 mi. on the car. I am the original owner. Any suggestions on this problem?
Current gear spoilt beyond repair.
We have the touch screen panel for the controls and it says it switches but that's the only vents that don't work
The button you press while pressing the break doesn't go all the way in, it's like it's frozen. I have to preheat my car for atleast a half an hour and I've noticed if I hold on the gear shift for awhile it will heat it up and come out of park.
'05 Accord Hybrid V-6 3.0L, traction control
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