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Last time i got the vehicle jump started after 3 weeks or more of it being parked and drove it around for 20 minutes and it worked. Then i had to leave for a month or so and the car doesn't start again so i am wondering if that is normal or when i get it jumped started instead of doing a normal drive if i should take it to the dealer to be checked. Both times the dash board lit up but the engine didn't start.
This knocking that comes through my radio speakers is usually at night if I use say a command I get this constant knocking or if I money call I get a constant knocking through the radio speakers
This 2016 Accord slides all over in the slightest amount of snow. Is it thiscar or all Accords
I have a 2016 Accord Sport with 14900 miles. Purchased new in 7/2016. I have a rubbing or grinding noise coming from both front wheels while driving at low speed (5 to 30mph) the Honda dealer replaced the pass and turned the rotors but the noise is still present. They say the noise is normal, but I have never heard another newer Accord making this noise. I have the hondacare extended 80k warranty.
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