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On several previous occasions. I've had no problem reconnecting our cell phone to the in-car system in our 2014 Honda Accord.. Two days ago, however, things changed. Performing all the previous steps, I keep getting a 'reconnection unsuccessful' error message and have had no luck in attempting to reconnect. Why? Thanks for helping.
The whining noise continues when I drive the vehicle. Can you please tell me what is the cause of the whining noise or what may need to be done to stop the whining noise.
Thanks in advance
I have a 2014 Honda Accord EX-L. Last week I noticed that my vents are not blowing COLD air. To be sure, I turned the AC ON, brought the temp down to 65, increased the fan speed to full and it was clear that while the car is blowing air, it's not cold air. Considering my three year warranty is over, I decided to open up the hood and noticed that my AC fan (aka condenser fan?) is not running at all. Both the fans in front are not running, but I understand that the cooling fan only runs when the engine gets hot. The AC fan, however, should run any time the AC is turned on. Now, since I am not very good at automobiles, I am hoping that the experts here could help me with how to perform the diagnosis and point me to a solution.
I lost the spare key....I need a replacement
Had body work done. I don't know if it was omitted or if there was one. Door releases but does not pop open
I can't fold backseat of my car I need little help plz anybody it's 2014 Honda Accord hybrid thanks
What can be doing this
Sometimes my car blows real cold air, then stale warm air with a chemical like smell, then back cold for about three minutes and then back warm. One day I drove it for 1 1/2 hours and it blew cold the while whole time. Had freon check and he said it was a little low but ran the dye and couldn't find a leak. Refilled with freon and charged $115.00. Next day it was doing the same thing. Never can tell when it's going to work properly and when it's not.
The starter is the cause of the problem but I don't understand why this is a problem with this car at this point. Does anyone have any insight on how to get the car repaired for less than $820?
An indicator light has been coming on this past week warning that we have a 'hot camera', but camera is working fine. The temps are over 100 this week in central texas.
I recently noticed that the ignition key became very hit after only a short drive in our 2014 Honda Accord Sport. The key actually burned me as I to carried items from my car to my house. On longer distances an electrical smell could be detected.
the light stays on after the engine is started.
all lights start flashing
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