2013 Honda Accord Questions

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I recently replaced the starter on my 2013 Honda Accord Sport and now I have no power unless the key is turned on.
The key fob doesn't work power locks don't work no interior lights come on when the door is opened and door doesn't ding, no electrical power at all.
Is it a fuse or relay

My car has had all scheduled maintenance

Is this a required maintenance

I am looking for less pricey solution to replace my alternator in a 2013 accord will a used one from a 2006 be compatible??

My car has been in an head on accident. The airbags went off. I got it repaired, but is it possible that it will never be the same? Will that make my CarFacts not good even though it's been repaired?

I feel like my tire pressure light comes on every time I go over a bump or start driving on the highway.

It happens when I press on the break hard and it sounds like it is right behind the driver seat.

Air conditioning has been working on and off. I took it one friday to show the service porter that the air conditioner was on but emitting hot air only. He wanted me to leave it but it was late and I have no other veh so I said I will bring it monday I did and the air was working. So 1 month forward same problem I leave the vehicle on and they have it for 4 days and couldn't solve the problem. Then they said it was ease I hadn't changed the interior filter but I had and always do during oil change. The filter is behind the glove box. Can this be true. Thnx

*Accord? The dent and scratches are about a ruler length long and the dent is maybe 3/4" deep.

battery check supposedly its ok.

35K miles on the car. Doesn't appear to happen when on a flat road. Only going downhill at about 70mph.