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The heating air goes through the right grille and cold air , goes through the grilles on the left

My car is mostly highway miles and ive noticed the transmission is a little jerky now and i was wondering if any of you had had any problems with the 2012 Honda Accord V6 EX-L auto transmission slipping or being jerky. Also if anyone has found a solution to this please let me know or if anyone has an idea of what could be going on. I believe i recently also had my fluid replaced. not sure about the filter though. thank you!

How often should transmission filter be changed on 2012 accord V6? Two Dealers stated I shouldn't bother and just change fluid every 30K miles. Seems fishy. Then independent quoted almost $500 do flush trans and swap filter. Is it that hard?

I drove too long with gas cap lose, the service engine soon light is no now. I have fixed the gas cap problem, but need to reset the light. I attempted to use an inexpensive reader from AutoZone, but it would not communicate with the ECU. I have heard there is a fuse I can pull to reset. How do I find the correct fuse on the 2012 Accord?

What type of maintenance Honda recommends at 60k miles and how much does it cost here in Ga?

I have my light that says the oil is low can i put oil in it

Engine won't start. No codes. turns over good and tries to start but only fires for a half second. Tried starting fluid with no results. Getting fuel to the fuel block. Injectors are being pulsed.

I've had my 2012 Honda Accord LX sedan (4 cyl) for almost a year. In December 2015 I had to replace my 2 rear tires due to dry rot. I've had the Traction/Stability control activate while I was driving a few times due to the roads being too slick for traction but that's generally only when I'm forced to a complete stop while going uphill or when there's water on the road & I can't avoid going driving through it (I still slow my speed even more & I don't mean flood water, think a medium sized pothole filled with water). It's been steadily raining for over 24 hours now but I had bills to pay so I went out this morning. At a very busy & unavoidable intersection in town the stop light is at the top of a hill. If you aren't the 1st car in line then you're forced to literally stop on the upper slope part of the hill. I've experienced this before & knew I had to be careful when the light changed but the traction control normally would engage. Today it didn't & my car went to the right so I had to make a right turn (thankfully it was clear) because I couldn't go straight. I headed home after that but I live far from town. I noticed that the tires weren't getting very much traction after a complete stop yet the light for the traction control never came on & I could tell that it wasn't on.

I check my tires each week to make sure they aren't underinflated (TPMS is unreliable). When I start the car up, all lights that normally come on & go off do so. There's no lights flashing & there aren't any warnings/codes that will run across the dash screen where the mileage/oil life % is. The 2 rear tires went on in December 2015. The 2 front tires were on when I purchased the car but when I got the rear tires they said both front tires were practically new.

Last year Honda replaced the passinger seatback cover pad and light went out. the code was 86-22 on the test.Honda covered it under the warranty.Now the light is back on.A different Honda dealer says code 86-22 comes up again.they want to replace ODS unit and SRS unit for $1200.Could this be a faulty seat back cover pad again.Or could it be a seatbelt issue.Thanks

Is it normal for the power steering pump gets super hot after a 2 mile ride?

any known problems / recalls with front airbag lite turning on and:

1- remaining on after starting and driving 2012 Honda Accord from work

2- intermittently remaining on... while driving to work

Both incidents occurred earlier today...

Thank you for your anticipated assistance..

Before I got in my 2012 Honda Accord this morning as I was walking to the door I noticed the dash lights were flickering every 3-4 seconds. I tried to start the car but it seemed like the battery was dead(no engine cranking but was clicking) I may have had the high beam switch pulled to the on position all night b/c when I pushed the switch forward the lights stopped flickering. I then took the train to work. I just thought it was peculiar that the dash lights must have been turning on and off all night. I will try and jump it when I get home. Anyone else experience something like this?

My parked Honda accord LX 2014 got dented in the passenger side front bumper along with the angle part of the door. Its about 2ft by 2 diameter and its deep enough to the point where I cant open the door. Thankfully the guy was nice and we exchanged everything we needed. Im in the process of making a claim but I need information in determining the amount I know would need for the damages. Please Help!