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My wife's Honda just started doing that !
my car whine in reverse it occurs every time it goes in reverse. it make this whining sound when i push the gas paddle or even when i dont push the gas paddle
When starting car on it hesitate to start but it does start and when driving it feels like it has a stutter like a jerking while I have my foot on the gas peddle
Abs light on , handbreak light on, also sleppry light on.All the light on after some time of engine on. Can you please tel me how to fix this all problem
but if I push the trip odometer it will shut off and stay off ,but might come back on later and I will do the same thing with the trip odometer . I took the back to the dealer I bought it from and they replace the fuel cap .
The key green light flashing though the engine rolling but not starting
Brake job was done at the same time, could this be the tires need to be rotated/balanced?
The heating air goes through the right grille and cold air , goes through the grilles on the left
My car is mostly highway miles and ive noticed the transmission is a little jerky now and i was wondering if any of you had had any problems with the 2012 Honda Accord V6 EX-L auto transmission slipping or being jerky. Also if anyone has found a solution to this please let me know or if anyone has an idea of what could be going on. I believe i recently also had my fluid replaced. not sure about the filter though. thank you!
How often should transmission filter be changed on 2012 accord V6? Two Dealers stated I shouldn't bother and just change fluid every 30K miles. Seems fishy. Then independent quoted almost $500 do flush trans and swap filter. Is it that hard?
I drove too long with gas cap lose, the service engine soon light is no now. I have fixed the gas cap problem, but need to reset the light. I attempted to use an inexpensive reader from AutoZone, but it would not communicate with the ECU. I have heard there is a fuse I can pull to reset. How do I find the correct fuse on the 2012 Accord?
What type of maintenance Honda recommends at 60k miles and how much does it cost here in Ga?
I have my light that says the oil is low can i put oil in it
Engine won't start. No codes. turns over good and tries to start but only fires for a half second. Tried starting fluid with no results. Getting fuel to the fuel block. Injectors are being pulsed.
I've had my 2012 Honda Accord LX sedan (4 cyl) for almost a year. In December 2015 I had to replace my 2 rear tires due to dry rot. I've had the Traction/Stability control activate while I was driving a few times due to the roads being too slick for traction but that's generally only when I'm forced to a complete stop while going uphill or when there's water on the road & I can't avoid going driving through it (I still slow my speed even more & I don't mean flood water, think a medium sized pothole filled with water). It's been steadily raining for over 24 hours now but I had bills to pay so I went out this morning. At a very busy & unavoidable intersection in town the stop light is at the top of a hill. If you aren't the 1st car in line then you're forced to literally stop on the upper slope part of the hill. I've experienced this before & knew I had to be careful when the light changed but the traction control normally would engage. Today it didn't & my car went to the right so I had to make a right turn (thankfully it was clear) because I couldn't go straight. I headed home after that but I live far from town. I noticed that the tires weren't getting very much traction after a complete stop yet the light for the traction control never came on & I could tell that it wasn't on.

I check my tires each week to make sure they aren't underinflated (TPMS is unreliable). When I start the car up, all lights that normally come on & go off do so. There's no lights flashing & there aren't any warnings/codes that will run across the dash screen where the mileage/oil life % is. The 2 rear tires went on in December 2015. The 2 front tires were on when I purchased the car but when I got the rear tires they said both front tires were practically new.
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