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I just noticed the smell yesterday. It's a strange odor that I smell when I stop at a traffic light. Checked under the hood and found no signs of odor. Almost smell like it's coming from a wheel or something.
Got my engine on an Accord 2011 V6 sedan with 130000km/81000mi checked and they told me oil pressure is only 45psi and engine needs to be changed. I was surprised since engine runs well. What is the acceptable pressure range for an older car and if the cylinder pressure is good, should I simply get oil pump changed? Thank you!
Seems like when it does run if you give it too much gas it cuts off. If you ease into the gas it's good. Battery was dead after 4 days of sitting put on the charger was 80% charged it to 100% tried to start it still nothing. Turns on but won't start.
How long have you had this problem? few month bought from the original owner
the sound also happens when I'm just moving
It's always after it has sat for a while, like overnight or while I'm at work.
Rear window brake light works.
Struggles to get it crank at first then it runs like it was forcing it's self has new battery and the auto zone guy said it could be my alternator . car has 90,000 miles 2011 Honda accord ex-l v6
Breaks abs
The seems to vibrate anytime I'm at these speeds. It stops shortly after but it is bothering me.
I had a battery problem and the car lost power. I went to activate the stereo and entered the code everything came back on except I have no sound. The stations are programmed, CD is fine I can see the CD info. But still no volume. Anyone have info on this problem. Thx
required maintenance
Up to date on maintenance
Seems to run fine.
Dad reset code and it came on after 24 hrs again.
Start unless I hit the gas. This morning it made a funky noise as I hit the gas to get ignition to turn over. Anyone else having this issue?
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