2010 Honda Accord Questions

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mileage 55k

How much the estimated cost to fix it, and if it can be fixed by myself. Thanks

Will it fit to my Accord if i replace it?

And now it won't start it turns over like it want to and all but it won't start the gas light was on at the time so I tried putting a little gas in but still nothing. And also I have a key with a chip and its broke does that have something to do with it not starting?

AC is blowing cool air through the driver side vents however hot air through passenger side vents. Any ideas?

That has 39,000 miles?

When I try per the manuel it never resets, only goes back to the F, that it displays.

2010 honda accord transmission shifts fine under light throttle but when taking off hard acceleration wont shift and input speed sensor shows rpm but not mph on input when under hard acceleration (main shaft sensor)

My Honda is only driven about 4000 miles/year. I have had is three years and no service codes have shown up. I change the oil/filter annually per the owners manual. Will I ever see any of the service codes such as B-1, B-2, etc?

routine matinence

The lumbar support on the driver side power seat stopped working. I checked the fuse to the lumbar power and it was NOT blown. The Dealer said the switch had stuck and had burned out the lumbar motor. How is it that, that much of a short did not blow the fuse? The car is still wuder warranty and the dealer will fix it.

I can't seem to find any of the typical headlight aiming screws on my Accord. How do I aim the headlights?

Is there a warning sign on dash board to let me know?