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The engine has a sounds of over pressure, and over working.
A/C started to only blow hot air one day. Had it checked by friend and Freon was full and no leak. Then one day it was cold again for about 2 days. Then hot again. Then few days later cold again. Only thing I can see is it is real cold when it is cool outside. If it is warm or hot out is only blows warm air. This sounds like a screwy temperature issue.
misfiring 2 cylinders not firing.p0303
It stalls every time the car is started. What could be the problem? I am a mechanic.
What are the best tires for a 2010 Honda Accord Sedan?
When I go faster than 40, the feeling/sound goes away. I replaced all 4 tires and got them balanced.

What could be the problem?
my car has 100,000 miles om
it and the engine light went on
dealer says the hesitation in car
is due to catalytic convertor
When I am on the freeway I can feel my car pull a little to the right.
I added new freon to the car. For some reason no cold air is coming out of the vent.
It sounds like a loud grinding noise coming from my front left tire.
My car only has 17,000 miles
backed into to dumpster and broke driver's side taillight lens - cannot get it inspected. what is estimated cost of repair
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